Four Common Health Problems Coconut Oil Can Treat

Four Common Health Problems Coconut Oil Can Treat

You’ve probably heard it already – coconut oil has endless uses. This amazing oil is the darling of the nutrition world, is very economical and it smells like a tropical island.

With a multitude of beauty uses, from soothing haywire hair to moisturizing skin, coconut oil also makes a brilliant cleanser. But what more can this oil do?


1. Chapped lips

Cold weather, dry air and licking can all dry your lips. But, if you use coconut oil, you can have smooth, healthy and replenished lips. Simply dab a bit of coconut oil onto your chapped lips. The super-hydrating oil has the power to leave you with a silky smooth pout.

2. Discoloured teeth

One property of coconut oil you may be unaware of is that it’s an incredible base for toothpaste! You could have discoloured teeth from drinking too much Coke or smoking. But, it’s time to forget that toothpaste that claims to whiten and brighten. Instead, take a jar of coconut oil and some baking soda with you next time you want to brush your teeth. Blend the two ingredients together for a sensational toothpaste and teeth-whitener. This magic mixture  helps fight plaque as well as whiten your teeth.

3. Dry scalp

The hydrating benefits of coconut oil are endless… You can use coconut oil on your scalp as an intense moisturiser before you shower hop in the shower. Just ensure you massage it in well. Also, try not to use too much, as coconut oil tends to be very greasy. Rinse the oil from your hair and scalp.

4. Weak nails

Weak nails signal low iron levels. But don’t stress, a little coconut oil can fix that up quickly! All you have to do is massage the oil into your nail beds and fingers in a circular motion before you go to bed (only use high quality, extra virgin coconut oil for this).. The coconut oil can stimulate growth, get rid of peeling skin and strengthen the nails themselves. 

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