Four New Year’s Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep


The new year is finally here and most resolutions are taking off. However, how many times have you set resolutions for the New Year’s only to find yourself going off track before Easter?

Lots, right? Well, the main reason resolutions fail is because they are sometimes unrealistic. So, if you decided not to do the resolution thing this year, you should consider trying some of these:



1. Work Smart

It’s important to occupy your mind with something challenging at all times.

According to neuroscientist Ian Harrington, maintaining an active mind in problem-solving can help strengthen connections between brain cells. This in turn helps keep the brain flexible, even in old age, staving off dementia and other memory problems. So, instead of staying idle, try cognitive activities such as word or number puzzles. “Thirty minutes spent with a crossword puzzle is undoubtedly better than 30 minutes staring at a smartphone,” says Harrington.

2. Drop the cigarette

If you’re trying to quit smoking, remember to always have nicotine replacement, such as a patch or gum. Going cold turkey doesn’t really help. So, avail yourself to the many aids available. And, when you reach a milestone like not smoking for a week, post it on social media, ans share your next goal. This will keep you accountable, and the encouragement you’ll get from friends, family and others who have quit or are trying to will help. You haven’t failed because you smoked after quitting for two weeks. All you did was slip.

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3. Reduce Stress

If you had a stressful 2017 and want 2018 to be stress free, try taking a deep breath the next time you feel overwhelmed. As obvious as this sounds, it works. Taking deep breaths helps the brain switch from panic to  relaxation mode. Your heart rate lowers, respiration lowers, the skin warms and the brain releases melatonin, helping you relax.

4. Lose weight

This is a common one on new year’s resolutions. Start with small commitments to eating better and being more active. The most important thing when making an exercise plan is to pick out something you love doing. Try to avoid activities that require financial commitment. You could walk for just 10 minutes a day and wear a pedometer which will encourage you when you see by how far you can walk in such a short time. Also, stick to simple eating habits. 

Keep refining your resolutions until you find what works for you. All the best!

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