Four Unique Uses For Tea Bags

tea bags

To get over my coffee addiction, I turned to tea. And, I’ve fallen in love it! It’s become one of my favorite beverages for a number of reasons, from its general drinking pleasure to its super health-enhancing properties. 

But what I love most about teabags is how far their use goes beyond just steeping them in water. And today, I want to let you in on four amazing ways, apart from drinking, in which you can use tea for better health!


1. They help reduce under-eye bags and puffiness

If you wake up in the mornings with red, puffy eyes, tea bags are the go-to solution. All you need is a warm teabag covered in a paper towel or soft cloth. I find that green teabags work better, but any kind will do. The caffeine from the teabag helps constrict your blood vessels, which helps reduce puffiness. Furthermore, the antioxidants in green teabags specifically can help promote brighter skin around the eye area and reduce inflammation.

2. They add antioxidants to your meals

This is especially beneficial for starchy meals. So, next time you cook pasta, rice or quinoa, toss a few green teabags into the boiling water then remove them after about five minutes. The starch you’re boiling absorbs the antioxidants from the teabags, loading some sneaky hidden health benefits into your dish!

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3. To recycle your leaves

If you drink as much loose-leaf tea as I do, but have no idea what to do with all the bags, all you have to do is compost them! Believe it or not, loose-leaf teas can also help increase the speed at which your compost decomposes. Just ensure the teabags are can decompose. If they aren’t decomposable, cut the bag open and pour only the leaves to your compost pile.

4. In detox smoothies

The best tea for detoxing is Matcha. It’s a powdered form of green tea originated from Japan. It’s packed with antioxidants as well as mood- and energy-boosting L-theanine. Furthermore,  Matcha is also one of the most potent detoxifiers you’ll find. All you have to do is add a serving to your morning smoothie to enjoy all the health benefits of green tea without actually drinking a cup. I especially love a Matcha smoothie in warmer months like now when it’s too hot for tea.

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