Fun With Foodies!


Do you love food? It is official: I love food, so I thought a great way to spend my “free” time, would be to pay a visit to all of my favourite chefs, foodies, and restaurants. This way, I get to taste all their amazing food, and share all the latest food trends, and tastes with you. I have invited my brother-in-law, Pepe, to join me on my adventures.

Firstly, he is French, and we all know that French people love good quality food. Secondly, he is a specialist cheese maker himself. Finally, everyone that meets him, loves him. He is a typical Frenchman, round and robust. He is passionate about everything he does, and thoroughly enjoys sharing cheese making and his food knowledge.

French Food

We are going to be visiting a variety of people and places, ranging from chefs, to restaurant owners, to food manufacturers, to food growers, to wine masters, and loads more. Pepe and I will be interviewing all of these interesting and amazing people. We will be sure to keep writing articles to keep you up to date, and we will tape Pepe’s interviews, and make videos for YouTube. After all we all love listening to a French accent.

Stunning Dishes

We all seem to be becoming more and more interested in food. Cooking has become a pastime for many of us, and recipe books are like our new Bibles. I will be keeping my eyes open for all things trending in the food world. If you have any ideas of people that would be interesting to meet, and interview, please let us know.

Below are some interesting trends at the moment:

West meets East (Western dishes flavoured with Eastern spices)

Simple menus (offering fewer choices on menus)

Genetic modification

Clean food (no sugar, artificial flavourings, or additives added to food)

Pasta, and endangered species (more restaurants are serving baby marrow and
vegetable ribbons, or pasta made with chic peas, or quinoa)

Hot is no longer hot enough (chili, turmeric and peri peri are being added to far more dishes

Experiential meals (including carb-free eating. There are many ways of substituting carbs, with one being swapping mashed cauliflower for mashed potato.)

Cooking with fire (we call it braaing, but the rest of the world call it grilling or barbecuing)

Inspired ice creams (Ranging from healthy ones to pure decadent cocktail ones)

Michelin Starred Ice Cream

And here are some of the foodies that we have lined up to interview:

Cheese maker
Mushroom forager
Wine maker
Coffee Connoisseur
A couple of well known Chefs
An assortment of restaurant owners
Craft been maker
A cookery school owner
Ice cream maker





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  1. Petra Avatar

    I keep up with all experimental food developments. im from Europe originally but the movement has relaly picked up in SA in the passed few years

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Yes and Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen has just become the first South African to get a Michelin Star at his restaurant.

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