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Garden ideas for the perfect garden room is the perfect extension to any home. No matter where you live it is possible to create one. There are pictures of exotic outdoor garden rooms everywhere. But, for most of us, we can only ever dream of owning one of these. But, this is no reason why we can’t transform our own spaces, into garden room paradise.

In collaboration with Homify, and their stunning photos, we will be running articles on home and garden ideas.

We can all dream of our perfect Garden Room, and this would be mine.
Minimalist Garden von guedes cruz arquitectos

by guedes cruz arquitectos

We live in an Eco Estate, and our house situated on a dam. We have made a clearing in amongst the thick fynbos that surrounds us. And, we have created the most beautiful space. We have made a table, and stools out of logs, so it fits in perfectly with the environment. Our family enjoys watching sunsets, and sipping on a glass of wine on most evenings. Our walls are bushes, and our floor is sand. All in all, earthy, and calming.

Modern Garden von Bambootec

by Bambootec

My brother lives in London, and his backyard was a patch of lawn, which he has transformed into a wooden deck. He has surrounded it by wooden trellises. This sophisticated room can be used for anything from fine dining, to the kids being able to kick a ball around. It has given the family the opportunity to spend more time living outdoors. They have large pots with plants, giving it an outdoor ambience.

Modern Garden von Deck-linéa

Palissade IdéAl – Deck-linéa by Deck-linéa

I have friends who live in an apartment, and they have turned their little balcony into a garden room. On either wall, they have hung, hanging pots, and planted them with herbs. This gives the effect of being in a garden. They can sit, and chill here at any time, and it gives them the freedom from being shut indoors.

Modern Garden von GREENLİNE PEYZAJ



Our neighbours own a wine farm, and even in this vast space, it is wonderful that they have been able to create their little garden room. It is enclosed formal herb garden, offering them an intimate space for family mealtimes. It leads off their kitchen, and has transformed itself into their family, outdoor living room.

Modern Pool von Ancona + Ancona Arquitectos

by Ancona + Ancona Arquitectos

Once you have created your garden room, I would advice decorating it with all of the following to create your amazing space. Candles are my number one choice, as they create a soft lighting ambience. Plants and greenery are essential, so if you need more, then add some pots filled with herbs or flowers. Comfortable seating can include scatter cushions, or bean bags. Shade is a must, so if you can plant a large tree to offer this that is great, but if not ensure that you have a roof cover, or umbrella.

Modern Spa von Folha Paisagismo

by Folha Paisagismo

Lastly sit back and relax. With the stressful lives that most of us lead, we hardly ever just sit back and relax. Pour a glass of wine, or set the table to eat dinner outside. Play a game of backgammon, or chess. So some yoga, or meditate. Or, just sit back, put your feet up, and smell the roses.

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