The Gem Around The Legendary Olive Tree In The City Bowl

The #FabFive team, in collaboration with Venue 123, attended the famous Asoka Restaurant and Bar in Kloof Street, Cape Town. Read on to see our amazing experience, including what we ate, what we drank and the ambience of the restaurant.

For over a decade, Asoka has been the gem of Kloof Street, a sensual experience where the music is intoxicating and the energy is palpable. The restaurant tantalises patrons with nights of culinary and rhythmic indulgence.

It is testimony to their belief in the power of food and music to bring people together. Asoka thrives on the journey of a night – from food to cocktails to late nights under the skylight. As rulers of their petit palace in the city, of diners they have one simple request; come for dinner, stay for drinks.

The Venue:

Transformed from a twentieth century house, Asoka is a restaurant and bar where leisure meets mystique. As table mountain towers over their roof, the deck is the perfect spot to unwind and watch Kloof Street spill down from the doorstep.

Inside their unassuming shell, in the glow of candlelight – that’s where the magic happens. Where food awakens the senses and cocktails keep them enticed. Asoka is the playground of celebration and the home of the city’s most seductive house music.

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The Food:

Using free-range meat and high-quality ingredients that are locally sourced, they’ve crafted meals that blend the tastes of Asia and the Middle East. Their chefs are lovers of sharp flavours; fragrant herbs and rich spices.

Asoka’s range of interesting dishes creates dinners that are best shared. They don’t just offer meals, but encourage experiences, and because they understand that a night on the dancefloor can stir up quite the appetite, their kitchen is open until midnight.

What we ate

Crispy Tacos: Citrus marinated fish of the day.

Mezze platter: tzatziki hummus, pickled baby vegetables, stu ed peppadews, smokey baba ganoush, fresh mozzarella, roasted mushrooms, marinated olives and chilli garlic crostinis

Baked jalapeño rellenos: goats chevre, mozzarella, spiced tomato, sour cream and guacamole

Truffle polenta chips, tomato and cumin sauce

Grass fed beef sliders, sweet milk cheese, kimchi, aioli

Beef short ribs, pickled corn and apple

Salted caramel cheese cake, ginger ice cream

Dark chocolate fondant, strawberry meringue, toasted coconut crumbs, caramel miso ice cream


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The Drinks:

Asoka’s cocktails are legendary, an ode to the bar’s sensual soul. Spirits are fused with the freshest ingredients to create a cocktail experience like no other. Their drinks menu is extensive, a collection of classics and thrilling signatures that continue to embody the essence of Asoka.

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