Get Arthritis Pain Relief By Practising Yoga

Yoga for arthritis pain

Arthritis pain can be unbearable. If you’re in this situation, you’re probably desperate to find natural pain relief that actually works. 

Today, I want to tell you about chair yoga and if you do try it, I hope it helps you find that much needed relief.

Chair yoga is gentle yoga practised while sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. According to researchers at Florida Atlantic University in the USA, practising chair yoga can help sooth arthritis pain in older adults. 

The link between arthritis pain and arthritis

In a randomised and controlled trial, the researchers studied the effects of chair yoga on arthritis patients. One group took part in an eight-week chair yoga programme, while the other only received health education training. The researchers primarily measured joint pain and how much the pain affects their day-to-day lives, or “pain interference.” They also took secondary measurements of balance, fatigue, gait speed, and functional ability. They found that the patients in the chair yoga group had a greater reduction in arthritis pain in comparison to those in the health education training group.

The researchers concluded that the effect of osteoarthritis-associated pain on everyday living is most directly captured by pain interference. This pain causes interference in everyday living, limiting social and functional activities as well as diminishing life enjoyment. And, the findings demonstrate that chair yoga can reduce pain interference in everyday activities.

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How chair yoga relieves arthritis pain

Most older adults lack the balance and flexibility to partake in typical exercise and yoga programmes. Chair yoga is a great alternative to typical yoga for older adults with arthritis pain who lack flexibility and balance. It is a great low-impact option, safe and accessible alternative no matter how young or old you are. Furthermore, breathing helps with pain management, and calms the nervous system.”

The instinct is to not move a painful joint, but to allow fluid to flow through the joint so it doesn’t lead atrophy. If you want to try it, be sure to go slow and listen to your body. In addition, pay attention to the difference between the discomfort of a stretch and actual pain. You can breathe through discomfort; but if something truly hurts, you should stop doing it.

To get started, if you’re in Somerset West, visit our yoga studio and speak to one of our yoga teachers about chair yoga. Click here for our class calendar.

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