Getting The Natural Summer Look With HEAN

We all love a good natural makeup look, with a pop of pink ofcourse! Here at Life Retreat HQ we got to play around with these gorgeous HEAN makeup products! Here is how you can get the look too

  1. My most important step of applying stay-long makeup is to use a good quality face primer as well as a good quality foundation!

Do you find that by the end of the day your makeup has faded completely? And you look like you never put any on?

Then this product from Hean is for YOU!

Smoothing Stay on Makeup Base

  • Apply a really small amount as a little goes a long way to achieve the right amount of moisture.
  • Provides the skin with the right amount of moisturizer making the application of foundation easier.
  • Not only does it allow makeup to last longer but also smooths, hydrates, softens and regenerates the skin.
  • Tara Plant extracts = keep your skin moisturised and hydrated
  • Macadamia Oil = makes the skin visibly softer and more supple. Soothes skin irritations.
  • Allantoin = regenerates the skin and boosts skin cell restoration
  • Vitamin E = Smooths, moisturises and protects.

Studio Lift Foundation

  • Anti-age makeup with an SPF 10
  • It provides medium coverage and semi-mattifying effect. It is lightweight with a silicon formula that will moisturise your skin as well as lifting it!
  • Does not block your pores and allows the skin to breathe.
  • Makes skin look and feel healthy!
  • Combats the signs of fatigue.
  • Smooths wrinkles as it stretches the skin and acts as a ‘lift’.
  • Adapts to your skin giving no mask effect.

High Definition Eyeshadow

HD Trio Eyeshadow Colour 614
  • TRIO eyeshadow set.
  • Intensely pigmented, long-lasting eye-shadow.
  • Excellent pigmentation guarantees optimal colour.
  • Velvet-soft and long-lasting for ideal adherence.
  • Can be applied with the sponge applicator or a brush.

Tips on how to choose the right colour:

  • Brown eyes: any and all shades of Trios
  • Blue eyes: stick to browns/ earthy colours (606, 610, 611 and 614)
  • Green Eyes: purples, pinks and blues (601, 602 and 603)

Colour Celebration Baked Blusher

            Bronzer in colour 273


  • The Colour Celebration baked blusher from Hean is a nifty product and comes in 3 different fun shades. It can be used as a blusher as well as an eyeshadow.
  • This multi-function product can be applied: on cheekbones, as blusher. On eyelids, as lightening eyeshadow (dry or wet application), long lasting effect, easy to apply, can be used to achieve a natural look AND gives your skin a beautiful healthy glow

Vitamin Cocktail Colour Intense Lipstick

Hypnotic Rose
  • Long wearing with a silky cream formula. Contains apricot butter and Vitamin E which nourishes and smooths the lips.
  • Perfect for Winter because it contains a special ‘lip base conditioner’ which soothes protects and nourishes dry lips.
  • Perfect for every day actually and really is a long lasting lipstick.

“In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we decided to have PINK nails all month”

Limited Edition Summer Nail Polish

   For the love of pink
  • Durable vinyl base contains a special blend of three resins, which provide:
  • high gloss
  • smooth color with no streaks
  • resistance to chipping
  • 7ml bottles
  • Contains UV filter

Active Nail Hardener

  • An active nail hardener containing methionine. The methionine enhances nail regeneration.
  • HEAN Active Nail Hardener coats the nails with a protective layer. The addition of nourishing and conditioning methionine supports the restructuring of the nail plate, leaving the nails less prone to breaking and splitting.
  • Use regularly for optimal results. Apply one layer, then varnish once the Active Hardener has dried. Can be used as a base coat.


For more information about these gorgeous products and how to purchase click HERE






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  1. Shavonne Avatar

    beautiful products and not over the moon expensive either.

    1. Trish Avatar

      We agree Shavonne. Thanks for your feedback, and have a happy Sunday.

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