The Giant Achievement Method


The following is an article by the inspirational speaker and thought leader Robin Sharma.

The way you begin these early weeks of 2016 dramatically sets up how well you live it. Momentum matters. And starting strong counts. I want to walk you through a procrastination-destroying, confidence-unleashing, results-awakening methodology I’ve used with my private coaching clients in IconX and my global influencers at The Titan Summit.

The Giant Achievement Method

I share the entire practice below. Worked hard to write out the whole process for you.

I know you’re busy. But what makes mastery are those with the wisdom and conviction to go deep. So go deep and study the method below.

It’s a game-changer. Period.

Please just trust that it’s totally worth the 15 minutes of your life it’ll take to learn it. And going through the worksheet is easy and great fun.

Giant Achievements

The process is called “Exponential Focus Mapping”. Learn this method well, execute on it daily and you will generate explosive progress in your thinking, productivity, performance, prosperity and service to the world.

The protocol is simple: like all great tools. You just go through a blueprint for a beautiful year that I’ve built out, recording your key production indicators and the deliverables that need to get done so this year becomes the year you make history.

The power of the process lives in what going through the blueprint shifts in your subconscious mind and deepest core.

As the eminent positive psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson has found: your story about your potential determines whether you live your potential.

Why? Because if you don’t think you can change or be world-class, then you won’t take the steps needed to change and be world class. Human beings just never rise higher than their self-identity. [Powerful idea there].

Let’s get started:

Step #1. Do Your Big 5

These are the five outcomes that absolutely must get done for 2016 to become the best year of your life yet. Writing these down breeds clarity and trains your brain to strip out distractions and get centered around core priorities.

Step #2: Note Your Top 5 Values

Few things diminish your energy than self-betrayal. We all have a wise witness deep within us, watching every move we make. I truly believe that the heart records every experience we have, every place we go and every act we do. Yes, we are that amazing. Until your daily behavior reflects your deepest values, you will never have the firepower to fly. So get these onto paper.

Do It!

Step #3: Write Your Quarterly 10

Pretty straightforward: deconstruct and then reverse sequence your Big 5 into 10 tinier goals that you will nail over the first 90 days of this fresh new year.



Step #4: Go Through Your Life Assessment

Just have a look at the circle on the blueprint and evaluate yourself from 1-10 in the success arenas listed. Doing this will give you vivid awareness of how you’re doing. And with better awareness you can make better choices. With better choices you’re guaranteed to experience brighter results.

Step #5: Run Through Your Monomaniacal Obsessions

This is just deepening your understanding around your Big 5 and locking your subconscious brain onto the vital few over the next 12 months.

Step #6: Draw a Cartoon of 2016 as Your Best Year Yet

Drawing gets you into creative + genius versus logical and limited thinking. At this point of your blueprint experience you draw what you want over this new year.

Clarity builds mastery and a vague vision produces vague results. So draw out your ideal home, fitness, financial, professional and adventure life.

Doing this also generates hope and releases energy; elements necessary to get you more momentum at the start of this year.

Step #7: List Your Daily Rituals

The quality of your performance comes down to the caliber of your habits. Here, on the form, list the routines you commit to running each day to the point of automaticity.

I suggest you use my 20/20/20 Formula, The 90/90/1 Rule, The 2 Massage Protocol and The Second Wind Workout–all proprietary rituals I’ve taught to my best clients who have leveraged them to achieve fortunes of success beyond most people’s boldest imaginations.

Stop Doing List

Step #8: Create Your Stop Doing List

Average performers have a To-Do List. A-Players do Stop Doing lists. Note down, on the blueprint I’m giving you (get it here), all the activities you intend to stop doing over the new year.

Examples include: complaining, gossiping, procrastinating, missing workouts, stagnating at work and coasting through life instead of making the new choices that will make your life brilliantly better.


Step #9: Add in Your Vital 10

Just rewrite your most important ten goals for the first quarter of this new year. Repeating this exercise from earlier in the blueprint is a conditioning play and hypnotizes your thinking to focus on the positive and release the negative.

Step #10: Set Your Growth Tool

The #1 way to double your income and impact, triple your investment in your personal development and professional education.

Why? Because as you build a stronger mindset and a braver internal core, the fears that limited your success will vanish. You’ll believe in possibilities you previously didn’t feel you could do.

You’ll see opportunities average producers miss. And you’ll rise to mastery in your field. So here, note down your learning and growth commitments for 2016. Then schedule them so they get done.

Step #11: Construct Your Circle of Giants

You will become your associations. Lots of good new science confirms that you unconsciously adopt the thinking, emotions, behaviors and lifestyles of the people you spend most of your time with.

If you’re the most successful person you know, I strongly encourage you to make today the day you start to know some new people. On the blueprint, write your new circle of influence here.

Ok. That’s it. I’ve just given you a life-altering strategy as well as the form I give to my best clients so you can work through the whole method. I just really want to help you let go of the past, dramatically grow your inner power and start off 2016 on fire to realize epic results in the most important areas of your life.

You can make 2016 YOUR year. You can do this. You are worth the effort. You will fly!

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