How To Grow And Care For Your Beard

If you think clean-cut is the only way to go, then think again. You see, a beard shows that you’re independent and possibly self-employed. This is because facial hair is frowned upon in certain uptight corporations.

Also, a beard gives you a handsome, don’t mess with me appeal. And if you wear it with a suit, you’ll have every head turning.

So if you’re planning to grow your beard or already have one, here’s what you should do to keep your face in check.

Beard 3Here’s how to help your beard grow faster

Having a perfect diet, perfect workout regimen and perfect stress levels doesn’t help your hair grow faster. And neither will shaving it.

What will help it grow better is a boost in testosterone. To boost your testosterone levels, eat more red meats, avoid soy based products, and lift weights. Other good foods are: spinach, nuts, avocados, olives, broccoli, and olive oil.

You can also take supplements to make up for any deficiencies in your diet such as multi-vitamins, biotin and fish oil. Biotin will help your hair grow faster.

The final thing you need is patience. Beards take time.

If facial hair is not for you, don’t worry about shaving it off – but you should try growing it.

Here’s how you should be caring for your beard

1.Unfortunately beards itch. But don’t allow the scratching to make you look like you have flees. An oil like Bonafide Beards oil which should give you relief and keep your beards hydrated.

Bonafide_Beards_Oil__30785.1455544284.350.3502. You’re the only one that knows were your beard has been, so keep it clean. A regular shampoo and conditioner will wash well, but if you’re feeling fancy, Fresh Wood Beard Wash is exactly what you need.

3.Don’t allow small pieces of dead skin to be seen on your face. I’m talking about beard dandruff. Beard oils can help.

4.Just because you don’t shave anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t groom your beard. You can brush your beards just as you do your hair. Also, don’t forget to trim it every few weeks using scissors or with your barber.

5.And lastly use a beard balm that is antibacterial with anti-fungal and antiviral properties especially in the cold season.


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