Headaches? Sore Muscle? Fatigue? Could It Be A Sign Of Ageing?

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Do you know why you’re always tired, always begging for a massage and why you constantly have these headaches? You try to eat healthy and exercise but you just don’t feel vibrant.

If you think it’s part of growing old, it definitely isn’t. It’s probably because you’re surrounded by too many toxins. Yes, surrounded by toxins! So, here are a few signs of toxin exposure you should look out for.


Six tell-tale signs that you’re surrounded by too many toxins

1. Losing weight is a struggle

The fat tummy or love handles just won’t budge. Yes, losing weight is not easy for most people, but if you’re cutting back on calories and exercising every day and still gaining, it’s most probably a hormonal problem. The toxins found in foods you eat and beauty products you use can affect your normal hormone function. So besides cleaning up your diet, re look your personal care routine to give your body a fair chance to fight back.

2. Your skin is breaking out

As much as things like stress and eating too much chocolate can cause breakouts, skin problems like rashes, acne or puffy eyes, psoriasis can also signal a serious toxic overload. So, to improve your skin, you need to be more mindful of what you’re putting into your body. You can try a simple juice detox available on our store. Click on image below.

3. You’re always feeling tired

If you struggle to get through the day, you’re probably fatigued. Fatigue is always a sign that your body is overexerting itself to get rid of toxins. Sleeping well at night just doesn’t seem to help. So, to cope with fatigue, you have to try to ditch sweet foods and caffeine. These can also disrupt your hormones and zap your immune system!

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4. You’re too sensitive to smells

You strongly react to the smell and stand it when someone sprays perfume. You see, strong reactions to smells, especially fragrances, usually indicate that either your body is fighting toxic overload or you’re sensitive to chemicals. This is especially true when the strong scents cause an upset stomach or headaches.

5. Constant sore muscles

That’s right. Those aching muscles and joints could be a result of toxic overload. So, if you seem to be experiencing muscles aches, not just after intense workouts, then it’s time for a detox.

6. Constipation is your middle name

Your body relies on your digestive system – particularly intestines –  to get rid of toxins every day. But when you’re constipated, your body stores all those harmful toxins and allows them to negatively affect your system. What’s more is the other problems that constipation can cause. These can include aches and pains, tiredness and headaches. If you want to sure that toxins are really behind your constipation, then cut processed foods. This is because they are loaded with preservatives and chemicals.

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