Health Basics: Raw Food and Detoxification

Health Basics

The world of health and nutrition has become clouded due to the sheer amount of advice and research we see day in day out. In this article (and for the rest of the week) we want to go back to some of the basics. Today: raw food and detoxification!



Eat More Raw! 

In short: Aim for a diet that is 50% or more raw.

What’s the fuss about raw food? Raw food generally provides the highest nutritional density, fibre and enzymes content. As we primarily eat to nourish our bodies it makes sense to eat food in their most nutrient dense form. Cooking destroys nutrients, destroys all enzymes and breaks down fibre.

No wonder health statistics are so bad! Raw foods are tasty, easy to digest, cleansing, alkalizing, healing and full of enzymes. Green raw foods are high in chlorophyll, terrific for cleansing and very alkalising. Some great tasting raw recipes are available to R’vivers on our recipes page.

Health Basics
Eat more raw! / image: learnrawfood

A great and easy way to get in a concentrated dose nutrition is a glass is to include freshly squeezed vegetable juice in your daily or weekly routine. When juicing aim to have the bulk of your juice made from vegetables and green leaves with some fruit. Fruit is high in sugar and therefore should not be the focus of the juice.

For even more alkaline, cleansing nutrition and add some green superfoods such as wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella and the sea weeds into your diet.


In short: Limit toxic exposure, engage in regular detoxification regimes.

Most people are living with some degree of toxicity. You body has a waste management systems designed to get rid of toxins and keep you healthy – but often these systems are not operating properly due to years of neglect or simply cannot keep up with the toxic load! They could use a little extra help.

Where do all these toxins come from? A combination of chemicals used in food, medicines, household products, personal care products, garden products, building materials, mercury fillings, cigarette smoke, plastic containers, hormones in foods, chemicals in our water, air pollution etc.

Some people write detoxification off to fanaticism but there is ample scientific data showing the quantity and effects of toxification.

Health Basics
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One study tested the umbilical cord of babies for toxins. The test showed an average or 287 contaminants, 180 of which are carcinogenic to humans, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests!

When your body cannot eliminate toxins at the same rate that they are coming in you start to get toxic build up. This can results in lack of energy, greater tendency to allergies, excessive mucous production, degenerative disease, forgetfulness, foggy thinking, accelerated aging, skin disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, joint aches and poor immune function amongst others.

To conquer this health basic a two-step approach in required. First, limit your toxic exposure by eating natural organic foods, drinking pure water, using natural/eco-friendly products in your home and on your skin.

Second is to actively help your body detox. You can do this through fasting (on vegetable juice and/or green superfoods), cleansing on raw vegan foods, sweating, taking R’vive cleansing supplements and drinking lots of pure water.

So there’s your health basics for today. Look out during the rest of the week for more! The Colon Cleanse kit provides a total toxin cleanse of the colon and is just one way to thoroughly detox. You can purchase it easily here.

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      We also try to eat as healthily as possible, and it pays off having a healthy family

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