Hydro Visit

hydro visit

I am presently visiting the Stellenbosch Hydro, for various reasons:  To detox,  lose weight,  and to prepare myself mentally, and physically for a healthy Festive season.  One may wonder why I am doing this before, rather than after the holiday indulgences.  At this time of the year,  I tend to over indulge on food, wine, sugar etc.  I thought that perhaps if I start the “silly season” feeling good about myself, I may be less inclined to over do it.

It is such a treat being here.  A little haven, nestled amongst mountain and forests.  All the facilities are of world class standards.  From the moment I was welcomed at the front desk, all of the staff have been extremely friendly and kind, making us guests feel right at home.  The therapies so great, that I would highly recommend having all of them.

The food is fresh, healthy and delicious.  Most of the vegetables are grown at the Hydro.  The mornings start off with platters of fruit.  Lunch and dinner are vegetarian, and mainly raw, although there is usually a a warm soup, or  veggie dish to go with them.  There are various teas on tap all day.  In between meals guests are allowed a few veggie/ fruit juice blends.  Because of the large tasty selection,  I have found the food extremely satisfying, and have not felt at all hungry.home10

Apart from the treatments, there are various other activities on offer, including speed and slow walks, yoga classes, relaxation sessions, aqua aerobics etc.  Every evening they host an interesting talk or movie,  and all rooms have tv’s.  So one cannot get bored.  The rooms have balconies looking of the most beautiful scenery.  There are 3 pools, the one being indoors and heated.

I have never heard of many of the therapies on offer.  I will be explaining them in more detail, in a future blog.  Some of them are specific for certain ailments, and there are therapists in most areas that practice these.  I am going to endeavour to include more of them into my every day life. To name a few of the wide variety available: Swedish Massage, Thalasso Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Ozone Therapy, Lymph Drainage, Facials, and all other beauty therapies are also on offer.Unknown.jpg ozone

Some of the guests spend weeks on end here for various reasons, including mainly weight loss.  I am sad to say that my visit will be coming to and end tomorrow, after a 3 night stay.  Other guests come back year after year,  to remain healthy,  or to give up coffee, smoking, or alcohol.  I would have liked to have stayed longer to shed all my excess weight, but at least I know I am going home with a spring cleaned body, mind and soul.

I realise that it is not always possible to book into a health hydro, and there are various ways of detoxing at home, that are extremely beneficial.  Click here for more info on detox products, that we have available.

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  1. Bhutan Avatar

    I would be interested to see the full breakdown of what those various therapy treatments do. Did you feel like it did more for you than a traditional spa?


    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Bhutan, I seldom have the privilege of checking into a spa, so it is difficult to say. But, the therapies and therapists were amazing. Combined with a healthy eating plan makes so much difference. Have you been to any spas? As we would love some more feedback.

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