High Protein Vegetarian Foods

high protein

Our culture is obsessed with eating protein. This is why vegetarians and vegans are constantly questioned about their decision to stop eating meat. If you’re a vegetarian, you know exactly what I’m on about.

So, if you’re not vegetarian and enjoy your meat and meat products, it’s time you knew how vegetarians get their protein. And, if you’re vegetarian, here are vegetarian foods that are great sources of protein!


Four good sources of protein

1. Chickpeas

You can eat these in many ways as they are legumes. You can puree them into a hummus, toss them into a salad or even fry them to enjoy as a crispy snack. A 1/2 cup of chickpeas can give you a nice dose of protein (7-8 grams depending on the brand). The nice thing with chickpeas is that they are low in calories. So, you can have them with roasted vegetables or a whole-wheat flatbread. To make a simple hummus, blend up a can of chickpeas, tahini and herbs and you’re good to go!

2. Nuts

These are packed with protein as well as healthy fats. Thus, making them an important part of any plant-based diet. But, because they contain loads of calories, you should choose raw or dry roasted varieties only. Furthermore, you can get your protein fix by using nut butters such as almond and peanut and almond. Just 2 tablespoons can give you 8 grams of pure, delicious protein.

3. Green peas

Green peas are not  only yummy  but are packed with protein and fibre. One cup contains 7.9 g. This is almost the same as one cup of raw milk. What’s great about them is, they make a perfect side dish. But if you don’t like eating them like this, you can blend them into a pesto. Try blending frozen green peas, olive oil, mint, parmesan cheese and pine nuts. A delicious pasta topping blend.

4. Black Beans

These are one of the healthiest beans of all beans and legumes. Also, they are one of the richest sources of antioxidants. The dark color shows their strong antioxidant content. Also, they have less starch compared to other beans. The best way to enjoy them is to make black bean burritos with garlic onion and peppers.

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