How Your Hormones Can Help You Find A Mate

How Your Hormones Can Help You Find A Mate

Whether you’re looking for a long-term partner or a simple romantic encounter, your hormones can help you decide on your type of mate. Depending on the time of the month, here’s how you can use your hormones to choose…




Changes in your hormones during the month can make you more attracted to manly men

If you didn’t know, there is a particular time of the month when your hormonal changes cause you to be more attracted to manly men. Yes! According to researchers, genetic evolution causes this to happen. In the past, women chose stronger men to mate with so that their children had a better chance of survival.

However, this is only true during the period of ovulation, says Medical News Today. Your hormones cause a change in the way you sense men during this time, with your nose playing an important roll in all this.

Stronger manly men release pheromones that make you more attracted to them. So, where does that leave the not manly men?

When to pick a more suitable long-term mate 

An attraction to manly men can backfire in the short term. Therefore, pick a more suitable long-term partner when your hormones return to ‘normal’ levels after ovulation. After this period, you’re more likely to choose a mate that has qualities that you desire in the long-term; a partner for life. However, this shouldn’t stop you from dating during this time because women have the best of both worlds! During ovulation, you can feel very attracted to the strong manly man, but still be able to choose a life-long mate with the qualities you’re looking for in a man.

Furthermore, your hormonal changes also make it easier for men too… Not only are they now in the running for your affection depending on the time of month, but those who aren’t necessarily “jocks” are at the top of the list for long-term partnering.

There you have it! So, take note of your hormonal changes when you’re ovulating. It can be the difference between having a simple romantic encounter or finding a long-term mate.


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