How Cannabis Oil Actually Works To Kill Cancer

Cancer & Cannabis oil
You’ve probably heard stories about how cannabis oil cures conditions like cancer. But, are all these stories true? Is there scientific proof that it works? Well, let’s dig deeper…

 How to use cannabis oil
Due to the nature of cancer, you have to use pure medical grade THC/CBD Cannabis Oil. You would need to take five drops orally three times daily. Also, we would suggest 1 x 200mg THC capsule that would need to be taken just before you go to sleep at night for a month and then assess how the condition has improved. Please note this is a medical grade functional oil, this means you are practical and not high while taking the treatment!
At this stage, we take it one month at a time. Our oil is produced using only medical grade strains and make use of coconut oil carrier (No alcohol present). If you would like to ask questions about our approach, please send a contact number, and one of our consultants will be in touch.
Please watch the video that will help to explain how the oil works to kill cancer. It kills cancer; there is nothing else on earth that does this.  

The short video that explains how cannabis oil kills cancer 

 We would also need the patient to start drinking alkaline water to help reduce acid. Its typically a cancer preventative measure, but it will help to boost the cannabis oil therapy.  You can also get a soluble powder at any health shop. You just mix it into the water. Even this, we would further suggest that you start juicing and substitute two of your meals for juice replacements. Recommended would be breakfast and lunch. You can find some great juice recipes here – 



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  1. conner Avatar

    I had I had stage 3 melanoma which spread to my lymph nodes. I did 3 months of cannabis oil, 3X a day, and now am cancer free a year later. I had a perfect CT scan (Sept 2018), a perfect brain scan (Feb 2019), a perfect PET scan (2020) and recently another perfect PET scan. No cancer anywhere! I didn’t do any other form of treatment. No surgeries, no chemo, nothing. Thanks for reading….

    1. Trish Avatar

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      Click here to read more about the healing benefits of Cannabis/ CBD oils

      1. Trish Avatar

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  2. Trish Avatar

    Click here to read more about treating cancer with Cannabis/ CBD oil

  3. Vanessa Avatar

    Could a consultant contact me I have questions before purchasing

    1. Shimanga Avatar

      Hi Vanessa, Please email your contact details to

    2. Trish Avatar

      HI Vanessa
      I am just checking that you have managed to email us and get your question answered?

    3. Trish Avatar

      HI Vanessa
      Have all of your questions been answered
      If not, please email me on with any questions
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  4. Trish Avatar

    This is such an interesting article. I am fascinated with the healing properties of Cannabis

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