How Fast Can Alcohol Age You?


There are a number of reasons to give up or cut down on alcohol such as the risk alcohol abuse and hangovers. In fact, some experts believe that even if there is some good in alcohol, the harmful effects outweigh the good.

And, it’s evident when it comes to your skin health. You see, what alcohol does to your skin goes far beyond dehydration. Your skin feeling tighter and the patches and blotches appearing more visible the morning after, tells a lot. Here’s how six popular drink choices affect your skin.


1. Gin, Vodka & Tequila

According to Dr Colbert, a New York dermatologist, clear alcohol shots are the worst when it comes to causing skin problems. This is because they’re pure and don’t have any added sugar, flavourants and salt. However, because no one has just one shot of tequila, the skin suffers.

2. Dark rum and bourbon, whiskey and gold tequila

These alcohols also come in their natural forms. However, because of the longer fermentation period, compounds called congeners which give the alcohol its color and unique flavour form. These congeners contain impurities that can damage and age your skin.

3. Sweet drinks

The excess sugar in your sweet drinks causes inflammation which is a major cause of premature ageing and skin problems such as adult acne. But it’s not only the inflammation. Sugary alcoholic drinks give a killer hangover. Hangovers spell disaster for your skin because of they are a sign of dehydration and blood vessel dilation. 

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4. Beer

Drinking beer in moderation could have benefits that can ward off skin problems. It is loaded with antioxidants, which can prove beneficial in your attempts at anti-ageing. However, drinking too much beer brings about very dry skin.

5. Margaritas

Stay away from these if you have sensitive skin. If you thought sugar and alcohol was the bad, add salt! Not only does it give you a “sugar hangover,” but your skin also appears puffy because of salt’s ability to cause water retention.

6. Wine

White wine contains sugar and salt and makes you hungry. It drys out your skin and helps you could put on weight.
Red wine on the other hand is better, but only when you drink it in moderation.

As you can see, the effects of alcohol on your skin aren’t equal. So, next time you’re picking a drink, think about your skin.

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