How To Bring Out The Caveman In Him


It’s a leap year ladies, meaning it’s your turn to show the men what it means to ‘spice it up’! Here are a few tips and ideas, which will definitely make his day, and set the standard for future romantic gestures. A great way for couples to ignite that spark again.

Valentine’s Day is not the only opportunity to spoil each other. Do you have any idea how much stress most guys are under when they are expected to be romantic on a certain day or even worse… buying the right gift?

It’s a known fact that it’s much harder for a man to impress a woman, but that’s because women are just more complicated delicate creatures than men. It’s just how we were designed.

When it comes to love and men, going back to the basics never fails when you want to get his attention or spice things up a bit:

Men are born to be hunters

Imagine if you were born in the Stone Age where it was thought to be romantic if you are clubbed over the head and dragged back to a man’s cave. Thank goodness for evolution! Yet, one thing has remained unchanged over the centuries; men will always be the hunters and women are the gatherers, its basic instinct engraved into our DNA.

Therefore, give him a hunt that will bring out the ‘caveman instincts’ in him, something to tingle his dormant senses:

Everyone loves a good hunt. Try to create a treasure hunt for him, leave a trail of clues for him to follow to find his prize. Clues can be written on paper that leads to the gift you bought, or it could be items of clothing leading to your hiding place…

Confidence is key

Wear something that will make you feel confident and good about yourself, men always finds confidence very appealing. Spoil yourself a new dress or a playsuit that will accent your best features. Some lace undergarments would go nicely with that too.

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Spoil your man with a gift, for no specific reason. Look for something that can benefit him as well as yourself, remember, it’s not a Birthday gift. When you are looking at what to get him, it should be something that will boost his confidence in a way.

Don’t you just love a man who smells good? How about giving him something like a men’s aftershave balm or spoil him with the Gentleman’s Beard Oil, a favourite grooming item amongst the men who prides themselves in their manly bearded appearance. If you know what he likes, then get him a new men’s perfume you think will smell great on him or even one of those hair and body shampoo’s you see everywhere.

Dare the unknown

Try something new, something unexpected to create a new experience both of you will enjoy. Going somewhere or doing something with your partner for the first time is a new experience to build on and grow from. Be spontaneous and inventive and think of what it is you want to do, then find a way to get him interested in doing it too.






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