How To Clean Your Skin Post-Workout

The common post-workout routine is steam, refreshing cold shower, then slap on some make-up and head to work. However, the quick rinse that makes you feel refreshed doesn’t really help your pores.

This is because, there are two important rules for washing after exercising. Firstly, not to use harsh cleaners and toners that strip away natural oils. And secondly, to replenish all of the moisture.

Caring for your skin after a work out

What to wash your skin with

To avoid arriving at your post-workout Sunday brunch with a flushed and uneven complexion, wash your face with a hypoallergenic, moisture-locking cleanser. The more natural ingredients, the better!

Does this mean that you’re going to be late for work or have to wake up early just to have time to use face wash after a gym class? Not exactly. It shouldn’t take you longer than 5 to 10 minutes for your body to cool down enough to begin using those coveted products again.

Using a cleanser or soap on your face and body after working out with pH levels as close to neutral as possible is also helpful. It’ll prevent dry skin caused by a loss of natural skin barriers. Even if you aren’t leaving the studio drenched in as much sweat after an evening Pilates class as you would be after a 3 km jog, you should still avoid walking out the door without treating your skin directly!

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What to avoid

When you you work out, you also boost your metabolism. This makes the oil glands in your face naturally start to secrete. Therefore, when you put anything on your skin immediately after a work out, especially moisturizer or make-up, you end up blocking your pores. So, to avoid blockages, wait for your skin to cool first. I’m sure you’ve noticed how your skin temporarily turns red when it’s overheated.

How to cool your skin

If you have very sensitive skin, you probably get bright red after any type of work out, including a light yoga session. Therefore, it’s important that you cool your skin down after working out. Use thermal water infused with minerals. This will help reduce redness and inflammation. Also, it will cool your skin down. You can also use the facial water on your skin right away and say goodbye, flushed skin.

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