How To Earn A living Travelling The World

How To Earn A living Travelling The World

Earning a living travelling the world seems like an unattainable dream to most people.  How can you make enough money to be my own boss and get paid to travel the world?

Do you have sponsors? Who is paying you to travel the world? Well, making money while you travel means you’re free to roam the planet without being stuck working at a teaching job or other full-time gig. It’s a combination of things that can make you anxious about where your next cheque will come from. But, if your plan properly (grow an audience first), you can make more than you made working for someone else and also be able to work from anywhere in the world. When you work for yourself, your income can come from many different sources:

1. Selling photos

You probably won’t get rich from selling photos, but you can sell your photos as “stock photos” through apps that attract companies looking to buy unique, natural or local photos. These include Foap, iStock Photo, Alamy and Dreamstime. Furthermore, if a destination likes a particular photo or set of photos you took, they can offer to buy them. You can also offer photography services where take pictures of new hotels, restaurants and travel destinations.

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2. Social Media Consulting

You can work with online and local companies as a social media consultant. And, it doesn’t have to be related to travel. In fact, once your audience grows, you’ll start getting invited to participate in paid social media campaigns. These can be tourism boards, brands or hotels that are looking for bloggers and social media influencers.

3. Blog Advertising

You can write sponsored posts or place banner ads on our blog. It’s important that you don’t spam your readers with banner ads otherwise, they won’t respond to them. This income can vary from month to month.

4. Freelance Writing

As a freelance writer, you can work full generating a lucrative primary income or part time and supplement your income to help cover the bills. If you have the skills and the motivation, this can be a money spinner.

5. Real Estate & Stock Investments

There are many positive benefits to investing in real estate, including the fact that they are cash generating. Think of rental property, or strip mall where tenants pay you each month. You pay the expenses and keep the difference as the profit. Stocks are very liquid, quick and easy to sell. They are also flexible, and you can even reallocate them into a retirement account – tax-free – until you start to withdraw the money. 

6. Partnerships with Brands

If you’re consistent with your blog, brands will reach out to you to become brand ambassadors. These are usually great long-term partnerships. However, getting a big brand to notice you may seem impossible but, if you spend time to try and get noticed and build relationships with people inside the company who will champion your idea with decision makers, you could score a good deal.

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