How To Get Your Kids To Enjoy Fruit & Vegetables

How To Get Your Kids to Enjoy Fruit & Vegetables

We’ve witnessed some parents try really hard to get their children to enjoy vegetables and still not win. Those fruits and vegetables carefully cut in ‘fun’ shapes that kids somehow see as toys and not food.

Well, they’ve caught on and this trick doesn’t seem to work anymore. They instead ask (or throw a tantrum) for sweets and crisps instead. So, how do parents make sure their little ones enjoy what’s necessary for their development?



Lead By Example

Though it may not seem like it sometimes, children look up to their parents for everything. So, you need to watch what you’re eating in front of your children as they learn these habits from you. Make sure that your kitchen cabinets are always stocked with fruits and vegetables. Should you feel like indulging in a not-so-healthy snack on your cheat day, do this away from your children. Don’t feel bad when you do this because it is when we do this that bad habits are formed. It is for their own (health) good.


Prepare Food Together

Bring the fun to the kitchen and get the little ones to help in the preparation of meals especially when you’ll be making their favourite. Layout healthy foods on the table as this teaches them to make healthy choices at an early age. You can even get them to help you to create a meal plan and let them do all of the suggestions but guide them toward the healthier options.

Be a Little Crafty

Play a little camouflage game and add vegetables to their favourite dish or fruit in their favourite dessert. You could mash vegetables where possible like: in casseroles, meat loaves, and soups. Add mushrooms or spinach (or both) to bolognese sauce, grate carrots or add broccoli to a potato salad.

Patience is key, so do not give up if they are resistant. It may take a couple of tries in order to get children to enjoy healthy foods. So, even when they won’t budge, try again at another time. Even if they eat just a little, it is better than them not getting any nutrients at all.


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