How To Grow Thick Eyebrows Naturally

How To Grow Thick Eyebrows Naturally

Eyebrows are the most distinctive features of your face. If you’re obsessed with them, you probably consider them to be the most defining, signature facial feature. And, you’re right!

When they are full and well maintained, brows give a youthful appearance, make you look healthy and draw focus to your eyes. It’s no wonder we spend so much time trying to maintain them!

However, it’s important to try to avoid products containing undesirable ingredients, preservatives and additives when growing your brows. You can use this natural approach to grow your brows out to their full, lush selves. 

Tips to help grow out your eyebrows naturally

1. Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Forget about your tweezers. Yes, seriously. NO plucking! Don’t be afraid to let your brows grow. If you’re patient and give them a break from tweezing for at least two to three months, you’ll end up with healthier, thicker brows. In the mean time, use an eyebrow pencil or powder to help enhance the definition of your brows. Try to choose a colour that is a shade lighter than your hair colour.

2. Eat healthy

Yes, even for eyebrows! As obvious as this seems, eating more green vegetables, fruits and highly-nutritious foods has tremendous effects. Ensure your diet is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients. When you think of food, think of rainbow. You’ll never go wrong. 

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3. Manage stress

Untreated stress often leads to hair loss. Therefore, try yoga and other forms of meditation to help get rid of daily tension and strengthen your body. You can use specific asanas that increase the circulation of blood to your head and benefit hair growth. Easy breathing exercises also help to oxygenate and rejuvenate your hair and body.

4. Nourish your eyebrows

My recommendation – organic coconut oil. You have to condition your brows at night after you cleanse, tone and moisturise my face. Coconut oil is loaded with a wide variety of natural skin-rejuvenating and hair-healthy ingredients. Simply massage the oil into my hair follicles in a circular motion. It will help stimulate and nourish the hair growth at the root.

It will take time for eyebrows to regrow. So, exercise some patience. Ad remember – if you tweeze your brows, it can take an average of two months for them to grow back. Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for!

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