How To Make Mother’s Day More Special This Year

Mothers day more special

“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” This is so true, especially with our mothers.  She is the one who first showed you the world and took every pain without complaining.

Therefore, you need to return the favor by simply celebrating her on Mother’s Day. So, we’ve put together a few celebration ideas you can use to  show your gratitude to your gorgeous and lovely mother.



Five Mother’s day celebration ideas

1. Spend the day out together

Make your mother feel like a queen. Plan a day out with your mother, especially to a place where she’s been planning to go. Otherwise, you can take her to her favourite restaurant with the whole family. Also, you can plan for gardening or go for a picnic.What’s important is for you to make it an exclusive day just for her. What she really wants or misses is spending quality time with you.

2. Breakfast in bed on Mother’s day is a winner

From the day you were born, your mother has been busy in the kitchen. However, you can now prepare a nice big breakfast in the bed for her. It will be a nice way to wake up – feeling special. But, also try to ensure she does nothing all day. 


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3. Plan a family get together

A Sunday braai on Mother’s day is great way to celebrate. What makes it better is the presence of all the generations of the family. So, as you plan, try to bring together grand parents, great grand parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, cousins and their children. 

4. Help the Mothers in Need

Most mothers sacrifice for their children. That’s why Mother’s day came into existence. So, this Mother’s Day, try to donate to an organization which helps children and mothers. Another idea could be that mother at the traffic lights that you ignore every day, give her something to make her feel special.

5. Mother must rest

This one will be hard to pull off. Mothers just don’t want to sit and do nothing. But, they’ll definitely appreciate a whole day of pampering. After all, she has worked non-stop all these years for the family. Spring clean for her if you can. Also, let other family members help out. Sit around lunch or dinner and laugh about your childhood memories together.

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