How to Make Mouthwash With Baking Soda


One of the best ways to get fresh breath in the morning and give your teeth a natural shine is with a baking soda mouth wash.

A homemade baking soda mouth wash is not only easy to make but great for your teeth and gums. Plus, it’s inexpensive, natural and effective. So, why wouldn’t you try it?

The benefits of using a homemade baking soda mouthwash

Baking soda helps neutralise morning breath and leaves your mouth perfectly ready for puckering up. And, it’s all thanks to the chemical properties of baking soda, that also make it a great natural teeth-whitener. Just ensure that you don’t let it stay in contact with your teeth for too long – otherwise it will damage the enamel.

Baking soda mouth wash recipe

250 ml tap water
1/4 teaspoon baking soda


Stir the baking sofa in the water until it’s completely dissolved.
Pour the mouthwash from the cup into a clean, empty bottle, then close the lid.
Shake the bottle for about 30 seconds. Your mouthwash is now ready to use!

How to use your baking soda mouth wash

Pour a good amount of the mouth wash into your mouth then gargle it for 30 seconds.  Spit the mouthwash out and rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean water. You can keep the solution for up to 24 hours. After this amount of time, throw away any unused solution and make a fresh batch.

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