How To Master Your Anxiety

Master Your Anxiety

Anxiety seems to be the buzz word of today’s ailments. Almost every one I meet these days, is either suffering from anxiety, or panic attacks. Throughout my life, I have also had periods where I have suffered from anxiety. I have learnt various tips along the way, on how to ease it, and I thought I would share them with you.

  • Mindfulness can be anything from meditation, to deep breathing.
  • Calming excercises, include, yoga, walking and swimming.

    Master Your Anxiety
    There are specific positions in yoga that can help with anxiety / image: chatelaine
  • Herbs and vitamins: Drink chamomile tea throughout the day. Take some of the following supplements: Gaba, valerian, passion flower, omega oils, kava, magnesium, Have regular vitamin B injections.
  • A Healthy diet, must include loads of fresh fruit and veggies. Drink loads of water. I prefer warm lemon, or ginger water in winter.
  • Rest if you are feeling anxious, and be sure to take rest breaks throughout the day. Ideally we should all have 9 hours of sleep, but this varies from person to person, as I know my ideal sleep time is about 8 hours.
  • Alternative remedies, like reflexology, hypnotherapy, and massage always bring us a sense of calm.
  • Bring nature into your life. A little direct sunlight is ideal for our daily vit D boost. Walk outside, and be aware of all of your 5 senses.
  • Avoid, or limit alcohol, coffee and sugar. If you don’t have to, then do not go to places, or do things that you find stressful.
  • Personlity points we all need to work on are: Have fun, and laugh more. We can’t control everything, don’t even try. Don’t strive for perfection, rather aim at being the best you can be. Don’t overwhelm yourself, and remember the “no” word when you have too much on your platter.
  • Tips we can use at home: Learn to do TRE, and practice regularly. Take Epsom salts baths weekly. Massage lavender oil on your temples, whenever needed, and put a few drops on your pillow at night.
  • Learn your triggers, and avoid anxious places. If you have to be somewhere, either go with someone as a support system.
  • Get help, and either confide in friends or family, that can support you, or see a professional.
  • Write down everything, including lists to do, or anything on your mind. Daily journaling or free writing is ideal 1st thing every morning.

Prepare yourself mentally when doing something that makes you anxious:

1. Take someone with you

Master Your Anxiety
Making a plan and sticking to it can leave you feeling free from your anxiety / image: brainwellnessspa

2. Do something you love

3. Visualisation methods

4. Take medication if need be

5. Use lavender for calming effects

6. Play music

7. Take an Epsom salts bath

Article written exclusively for Life Retreat by Trish

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  1. christopher Avatar

    Learning triggers is oh so important for me. once you have learned your triggers you can pretty much plan a whole day

    1. Joshua Avatar

      100% correct, Christopher. Triggers can vary so much from person to person but if you know your own then you can cope a lot better with your anxiety. Thanks for your comment.

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