How To Monitor Your Health – `Furry’ Tongue

One way of judging the state of your digestive tract is to examine the back of your tongue first thing in the morning. That’s because, the state of the back of the tongue usually gives us some indication as to the state of the entire digestive tract. As such, a furry film on the back of the tongue is usually a sure sign that we should attend to the state of our bowels and perhaps even go on a detoxification or an intestinal cleansing program.

How to check for ‘furry’ tongue

Another self-test that you can carry out, and this also first thing in the morning, is to take a coarse cloth, wrap it around your index finger, and then rub the cloth firmly on the back of your tongue. If your digestive tract is in good health, there should be little or no “fur” on the cloth and no smell at all. Furthermore, if there is a smell, this will indicate that we need to consider detoxification and/or intestinal cleansing. Also, it indicates that in the long term we should switch to using more natural foods. These should include plenty of fresh fruit, salads and vegetables.

A strong smell can in fact be taken as an omen of worse to come – especially if the situation is ignored. So, if we have dental problems that are causing bacterial build-up, these bacteria will find a perfect breeding ground in an “out-of-sorts” colon and this could result in any number of problems – including halitosis.

When you follow a natural lifestyle and diet, and you take sufficient fresh water in between meals, your bowels will soon start functioning normally and the fur on the tongue should soon disappear.

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2. Colour Of Urine

Generally speaking, dark brown or dark yellow urine comes about when one is not drinking sufficient fresh water. Also, it comes when one’s system is highly toxic. This is a sure sign of an accumulation of impurities and toxic acids in the system.  In addition, the darker the urine, the more toxic the system is likely to be. So, if the urine is very dark, then you are probably already ill, or else illness could well be on the way.

Our aim, therefore, must be to work at getting our urine to the point where it is always as clear as crystal. As you improve your dietary habits, and as you drink freely of fresh water in between meals, you should soon observe the change in the colour of your urine.

When your food and fluid intake are as Nature intended them to be, your urine will also be free from odour.

3. Pulse Rate

Your pulse rate is usually a reasonable indicator as to the state of your health and/or your vascular system. So, before getting out of bed tomorrow morning, take your pulse and make a note of it in a book that you are not likely to misplace. As you improve your diet and lifestyle, take your pulse every week or so. Also, always do this at the same time, and always under the same rested circumstances.

You will notice that your pulse will continually slow down as your blood becomes thinner, purer and more alkaline. And, as your arteries and veins relax and find opportunity to clear themselves of unnatural obstructions and cholesterol build-up.

How to take your pulse rate

The pulse is located on the thumb side of the inner wrist. Use your fingers to take your pulse and not your thumb, as your thumb has its own pulse. Count the number of beats for 15 seconds and then multiply by four to get the number of beats per minute.

It is generally accepted that the average adult pulse rate is around 72 beats per minute. It must be understood, however, that the average adult is not living in total harmony with Nature and, as such, this generally accepted average is far higher than it would be if all people adopted a more healthy lifestyle and diet.

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4. Mucous

Generally speaking, mucous is an emergency vehicle for the removal of impurities from the system. And, here we are speaking of mucous as opposed to saliva. An excessive amount of mucous usually indicates that the body is loaded with an excessive amount of toxic acids (impurities). This usually indicates that the organs of elimination are not coping. Also, it indicates that the system is using the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and bronchial tubes. And, sometimes those of the vagina and anus, as the vehicle for the elimination of this excessive mucosal/toxic build up.

It must be understood that Nature is removing offending matter via the medium of the mucous. Also, that Nature therefore should not be suppressed in her housekeeping efforts by the use of decongestant drugs. Rather, we should assist her in every way possible. Obviously, therefore, we would not want to swallow mucous – spit, yes, mucous, no.

A little salt is necessary for good blood

But, an excessive salt intake is a very common cause of excessive mucous. Milk or cream are also known to be major causes of mucous in some individuals. When we have a mucous problem, we will often find that our bowels are not functioning properly, and we could also be suffering from intestinal gas. Here again, intestinal cleansing may be called for.

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As you switch to a more healthy way of living and eating, any mucous problem that you may have had should soon disappear.

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