How To Pain Proof Your Body


Natural ways to conquer chronic pain with an arsenal of natural painkillers you have at your disposal. You’re probably no stranger to chronic pain (CP). And you’ve likely spent years and thousands of rands trying to get it out of your life.
But you’re not alone. Almost a third of the population wakes up to some form of chronic back pain or joint pain every morning.
The number of people unable to live their life on their own terms because of pain outweighs the combined number of people suffering from cancer, diabetes and heart disease!

In most CP cases, it stems from an accident, osteoarthritis or infection. But a lot of the time, there’s no obvious cause at all.

And this is where the problem arises. Many doctors recommend surgery or chronic pain meds, but sadly, these treatments don’t work as they should. They’re treating the symptoms and not the cause.
But there is something you can do to end the pain permanently and without having to resort to dangerous surgery or over the counter drugs.

Read on below because today, I’m sharing a natural Pain Prevention Recipe Programme with you…

Chronic pain occurs as a result of your nervous system firing signals persistently for weeks, months and even years! And it’s this misfiring of your nervous system you have to target to eliminate your CP.

There’s a whole arsenal of painkillers at your disposal that can help you do that. Natural options that won’t leave you at risk of other health issues or only treat your symptoms.

One of the most powerful ones is literally available to you right at your doorstep…

Devil’s Claw:

This rare plant flowers only once a year but can be just what you need to eliminate chronic pain
Devil’s Claw is a small plant that grows in the Kalahari Desert. It gets its name from its sinister appearance with its seed pods that bear resemblance to claw-like hooks.

Natural healers have used it for centuries to treat anything from fever to gout, difficult childbirths and migraines. But its speciality is fighting chronic pain, naturally. It doesn’t just mask your symptoms, it treats the root cause of your pain: Inflammation.

Studies show it’s just as effective as one of the leading drugs prescribed for osteoarthritis, diacerhein, which is not available in South Africa. The study shows it’s so effective 50% if the patients were more mobile and had less pain in just eight weeks.


The African shrub to help relieve stiffness in painful areas
Ashwagandha is a herb that belongs to the pepper family, and it’s the roots that provide the medicinal properties.
The active compound is the withanolide molecules and they have properties similar to those of traditional steroids that are usually used to treat joint pain.

So, instead of having steroids injected into your painful joints, take Ashwagandha.

On top of providing pain relief, it can lower cortisol levels by 30%. It also helps promote sleep and that means you have three additional factors working for you to relieve joint pain: Lower stress levels, more sleep and less fatigue.


Reduces joint discomfort by almost 50%

A study found just a small amount of Boswellia added to your daily diet could halve joint pain and discomfort. And although you may only see results after a month of using it, the effects last a lot longer… Up to a month after stopping treatment!

It also contains strong anti-inflammatory properties, so forget about using NSAIDs for your pain!

But if you really want to pain-proof your body, there’s one more thing you need to do. Take my Realage Test and I’ll send you all of the 7 steps in a Pain Prevention Recipe Programme that will pain-proof your body and keep it that way.

But if you really want to pain-proof your body, there’s one more thing you need to do. Take my Realage Test and I’ll send you all of the 7 steps in a Pain Prevention Recipe Programme that will pain-proof your body and keep it that way.

By Dr Craige Golding, Integrative Medical Doctor

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2 responses to “How To Pain Proof Your Body”

  1. Kim Hook Avatar
    Kim Hook

    Ive always believed in natural pain relief to help us. Before we had medication we had nature to cure us of all kinds of ailments. Don’t get me wrong I think some forms of medication are great and do lots to help lots of people. But there are definitely alternatives that we can find from the world around us 🙂

    1. Trish Avatar

      Hi Kim. I agree with you. We use natural remedies as much as we possibly can in our household. And, prevention, and a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to keep our body in tip top shape and pain free. But there are times when medication is necessary.

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