How To Steal A Car

steal a car

When you’ve had your car stolen and your car insurance claim rejected, you don’t want to find yourself in the same situation again. So, what do you do?  Well, it’s easy – Learn how to steal a car!

You must think I’m crazy. But, you need to be a step ahead by getting inside the mind of an auto thief. This information can help slow down the thief and, hopefully, discourage him from attempting to steal your car.



1. Jump into an unattended running car

It’s easy to leave car running while using the ATM at the garage. Also, you could be in a car park and quickly rush to greet a friend leaving your key in the ignition. This is your moment of weakness. Car theft is a crime of opportunity. So, never leave your keys in the ignition even to check for a tyre puncture.

2. Bump against the car to check if the alarm goes off

There are so many false alarms. No one is moved anymore by the sound of a car alarm since we’re so used to hearing them go off.  Try to avoid movement and motion sensors that can trip by just bumping against a vehicle. Instead, use one that has a pager that will notify you when your alarm is activated.

3. Break the window to get into a locked car

Phones, bags, laptops… should be kept out of site. Do not tempt a car thief. If you can’t carry them with you, store them in the boot. Furthermore, if your stereo has a removable face plate, take it with you. Out of site, out of mind.

4. Look for exposed wiring  and central unit

Exposed wires can be cut and alarms deactivated. Many manufacturers are now offering additional alarm components to include smartphone integration. So, don’t attempt an at-home installation but rather have your car alarm installed by a professional. 

5. Look for car alarm signs to figure out which method to use to eliminate the alarm

If you think telling a thief that your 5-series is going to scream bloody murder if you smash a window will stop him, think again. Advertising what sort of audio system or car alarm you have can work against you. So, avoid displaying stickers.

Ensure your car has anti-theft protection, especially if it’s at the top of the most stolen vehicles list. But, as with anything that is of value to you, the most important protection you can give your car is insurance. But don’t just take any insurance, take insurance that decreases every month in line with the depreciating value of your car. You read that right… When you have comprehensive car cover with the king of price, your premium decreases monthly.

Furthermore, you can choose the cover you want. This includes:

Comprehensive car insurance: This covers you for accident damage, theft and hi-jacking and small ‘oepsies’ that you may accidentally cause to other cars or property.

Third party, fire and theft car insurance: This covers you for theft and hi-jacking, as well as for liability to other people and their property as a result of an accident.

Third party car insurance: This covers you for liability for accidental injury to other people or damage to their property

What’s more, you can save with multiple car discount. The more cars you comprehensively cover, the more discount you get and the more you save.

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