ImpulseFit – Intelligent Fitness

ImpulseFit – Intelligent Fitness

ImpulseFit studio is powered by Miha Bodytec, designed in Germany using the EMS – an electro muscle stimulation machine. This state of the art technology is intelligently combined with a series of exercise-based programs.

They promote effective muscle strengthening, body shaping, cellulite reduction and weight loss. This specialised approach to health and fitness is unique in comparison to conventional forms of exercise. This is because each program is customised and designed to suit the individual client’s goals. This tailored experience is an accurate approach to ensuring maximum physical results for each person.


The ImpulseFit programme

This sophisticated electro muscle stimulation machine is specifically programmed to promote deep muscle fiber contractions, increasing strength while simultaneously shaping and toning the body. The EMS machine also effectively targets problem areas such as cellulite. This is done through sending a constant impulse that is programmed to target areas at a different frequency, leading to rapid fat loss, an increased metabolism and visible decrease in cellulite.

This fully customisable routine promotes various benefits that contribute towards a much healthier and balanced lifestyle. The ImpulseFit programme corrects muscular imbalances, the strengthening of core and abdominal muscles, overall increase in strength and endurance, increased tone and definition, visibly improved posture and a significant reduction in cellulite.

Apart from the visible results, the programme relieves of back pains

It also aids in lymphatic drainage and is accessible for individuals that require rehabilitation training due to previous injuries. The results are phenomenal and are achievable for all shapes and sizes. ImpulseFit offers various packages including; basic, silver, gold, platinum VIP, casual drop-in session, cellulite treatment and EMS massage therapy. For more details on pricing, visit ImpulseFit online.   

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