Inspiration – How Blessed You Are


Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are

It’s easier to see the negatives than to focus on the positives, but when you look outside your window today and you feel the sun rays touch your face , remind yourself that today is a new day. Let yesterday’s problems fade into the past, let today’s solutions make themselves present.

Take a breath, take a moment to relax and develop a positive attitude towards everything that gets thrown in your way, by reminding yourself each morning of how much you have to be grateful for in your life. Never let your burdens take up more space than your blessings in life, we all have something we can feel good about, no matter how small it may be. Never lose focus of that!








2 responses to “Inspiration – How Blessed You Are”

  1. chris Avatar

    we need to remember this more often than we would think

    1. Trish Taylor Avatar

      I agree Chris, we have to continuously count our blessings.

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