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A negative mind will never give you a positive life

A true #fact of life. A negative attitude & mindset, will never get you very far in life. Negative people attract negativity into their lives. They say that what you think, will come to pass. Therefore, if you find yourself in a bad place, you cannot allow your surroundings or circumstances get the best of you, nothing good can come of that. Easier said than done, but when you notice that you can’t see the positives in each situation, you need to consciously turn those thoughts around, here is how…

6 telltale signs of a negative mindset and how to change it:

1. You Anticipate Disaster Around Every Corner – Catastrophizing

Telltale signs: Your brain loves dress rehearsals for tragedy. You dismiss more realistic possibilities and fixate on the worst possible outcomes.
Combat it now: Remind yourself that this negativity is just your brain trying to keep you safe by preparing for every potential problem ahead, recommends Barbara Fredrickson, director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab. Then say to yourself, Thanks for trying to protect me, brain. But you can rest now—I’ll take it from here. This is one of the rare times when talking things through with a friend might not be the answer. “If you have an exaggerated negativity bias or anxiety, a friend might not be able to talk you out of it,” Fredrickson notes.

2. You Assume Everything’s Your Fault – Personalizing

Telltale signs: You tend to think you’re responsible for all the negativity around you, without considering other explanations.
Combat it now: Cultivate some perspective to cut off this misguided thinking. The next time it occurs to you to personalize someone else’s behavior, have a counterstatement ready, like This is just negative thinking. I am not responsible for everything.
A weirder fix: Walk through a doorway. “Doing that gives you a new context,” Fredrickson says. According to scientists at the University of Notre Dame, the act of passing over a threshold cues the brain that you’re finished with the situation at hand and ready to move on to something new.

negative mind3. You Think How You Feel Is How Things Are – Emotional Reasoning

Telltale signs: Your mind fuses together feelings and reality. When you feel lonely, you think nobody cares about you. When you feel guilty, you think you must have done something wrong.
Combat it now: Get some distance from your feelings so you can begin to recognize them as just that: feelings. In The Happiness Trap, psychologist Russ Harris recommends describing the emotion (“I am lonely”) as a temporary state: “I’m feeling lonely.” Next, try adding more space between you and the emotion by subtly restructuring the statement as “I’m noticing that I’m feeling lonely.” Take it one step further with a little zaniness. Harris suggests singing your “I am” statement (“I am lonely”) to the tune of “Happy Birthday.” Then try singing in a cartoon character’s voice. Even if you don’t crack a smile, you’ll be putting more space between your ridiculous self and that even sillier negative thought.

4. You Fixate On The Downside – Magnifying the Negative

Telltale signs: You have an eagle eye for vexing details, and you tend to blow them up until all the positive—and all the context—falls out of view.
Combat it now: Force yourself to list three good things instead. (Dessert fell flat, but remember how much they loved the risotto?) If the bad thought keeps returning, think, say, or even shout the word “Stop!” advises Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside. Even picturing a giant red stop sign can help.

5. You See Patterns Of Defeat – Overgeneralizing

Telltale signs: You take a bad moment and draw huge, sweeping conclusions from it.
Combat it now: Distract yourself. When you’re doing something routine—prepping dinner, say—your brain goes into autopilot. That’s when you’re most likely to start cataloging all the ways you’ve blown it before. But if you distract yourself with an activity that demands full focus, like following a new recipe, toxic thoughts will have less room to take over.

6. You’re Sure Stuff Won’t Go Well – Negative Forecasting

Telltale signs: You anticipate bad outcomes no matter the signs.
Combat it now: “A lot of our negativity comes from mental time travel,” Fredrickson says. “Odds are the current moment is benign or even positive.” Press your toes into the floor to bring your focus out of your mind and back to your physical surroundings, then take stock of one positive thing, however tiny.


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