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price of success

There are no discounts on the price of success



To succeed, you need to work for it. There are no shortcuts to success.

For example:

If you go out to buy a Louis Vuitton handbag, you don’t expect it to be marked off, because it’s a quality brand and you know you are going to pay full price for it. Then after you have emptied your savings account to buy your new handbag, you wear it with pride and grace for years to come.

If you go out to buy something that looks similar to a Louis Vuitton bag, you expect it to be marked off because you know it’s not of good quality and it wouldn’t last very long, but you can just buy another one in a few weeks. That bag will not mean any more or any less than the previous ones you had.

…You get what you put in. Success is earned and respected but always comes with a price. If you are not prepared to make the required sacrifices, don’t expect to be as successful as the person who has made those sacrifices, to get where he is today.

price of success






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