Inspire Yourself

Inspire Yourself

So .. you want to live the life you choose. Maybe you’re tired of other people dictating your situation and even behaviour. You know that things don’t have to be so tough or complicated. You’re right, they don’t!

Since the dawn of time humans have been searching for peace and love. Peace and love in the home, at work, in relationships, in life!

How would that suit you?

Could you do with a dose today, tomorrow, forever?

Sound like flying elephants?

One only has to read global texts, from centuries ago to today, to realise that the message is the same, ‘Wo/man can be her/his own worst enemy, or her/his best friend’. Do you love yourself or do you merely tolerate the skin you’re in because you feel like you have no choice? How can you expect others to love you, including your own family, if you do not know how to show love to yourself?

By now you may be thinking that this is getting a bit too philosophical and all you want to do is read about how to improve your life and how to get some happiness. ‘What is the secret formula, dammit, just give it to me so I can get on with my day?!’

The good news is that authentic formulas that are truly life changing are not quick fixes. It’s not like sucking a lozenge. After a few minutes you can’t feel the pain or itch in your throat so you carry on with your tasks at hand, forgetting about the symptom but the fact is: the symptom will never go away unless it’s addressed directly.

Inspire Yourself
When we are born we have a blank canvas, but where do we go from there, and what affects the choices we make? / image: theleisurereview

Okay, let’s look at the symptom. We all came into this world a clean canvas, no expectancies, totally accepting, willing and wanting to receive love. What happened then?

If the first touch you received was gentle, if the first sounds you heard were soothing, if the smells were sweet, the taste was warm and the feeling was welcoming, caring and protective, then this would be your reference point for the rest of your life.

The majority of us did not experience this at birth. Perhaps you were born in a hospital and the doctors hands touched you before your mothers or fathers, while bright lights shone in your eyes.

My mother gave natural birth to me but struggled with a long labour and eventually a suction was used. That was my welcome into this world. Up until I experienced the Birth into Being process I was unaware that I was feeling stressed whenever I was rushed.

I also saw how my digestion issues stemmed from this first experience of life on earth. I was hungry during the long period of waiting to come out and when I did emerge I had a blister on my thumb.

Again, it was only during Birth into Being that I finally saw the reason for my constant snacking which was causing blockages in my system. We all have a birth story, what’s yours? If you don’t know, find out, you may learn a thing or two about yourself.

The cortex part of the brain is ‘asleep’ until a young child is around the age of three years. Thus, we cannot call much of life prior to that time.

Inspire Yourself
Memories are stored in the brain’s limbic system / image: livescience

Where do the memories of our early childhood survive? They live in the limbic system, where emotions and feelings are stored.

You may wonder why you behave in a certain manner when your siblings or other members of your family are so different. You may yourself by sudden reactions that don’t sound like you.

Where do they come from?

Research done by the pioneers of prenatal psychology, such as Dr.Thomas Verny, Dr. David Chamberlain and Dr. William Emerson shows that an overwhelming amount of physical conditions and behavioural disorders are the direct result of traumatic gestation time and complications during delivery, including, but not limited to, unnecessary mechanical interventions and an overdose of anaesthesia.

Does this mean I am a victim of my birth story? Absolutely not.

Human beings have been designed in such magnificence that our limbic systems can be reset. Through a gentle process of reworking the birth memory cognitively, emotionally and physically, the whole being comes to accept this new information on all levels.

The Birth into Being Method directly transforms your Limbic Imprint so you can access your ultimate potentiality.

Would you like to:

– Re-Code your Limbic Imprint of inhibiting emotional patterns?
– Create new reference points of emotional comfort aligned with your conscious intentions?
– Lie and breath from a place of love and comfort?
– Fearlessly birth a new project, new baby, and/or new You?
– Thrive in life and love?

This safe and effective method brilliantly interweaves epigenetics and neuroplasticity with the richness of storytelling, visualization, breath-work, gentle touch and movement.

For more information on the Birth into Being method click here

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  1. Luyolo Avatar

    lot of thing to take in here but our birth story is so important for us and how we develop when we are young.

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Yes it really promises to be a totally new and potentially life changing experience for anybody who tries it! Thanks for your comment, Luyolo!

      1. Luyolo Avatar

        thanks man will you try it also

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