Introducing The New GUESS Collection – Stand A Chance To WIN!


This spring 2017 season, GUESS celebrates its 35th Anniversary with a GUESS Originals capsule collection and iconic advertising campaign featuring GUESS Girl Hailey Baldwin, alongside heart-throb Stefano Sala.

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These classic black and white photographs showcase the limited edition pieces in the GUESS Originals 1981 Anniversary Capsule. They celebrate our 35 sexy years of innovative designs, pride, and success.

The advertising campaign art is directed by Paul Marciano, Chief Creative Officer for GUESS?, Inc., And, shot by renowned fashion photographer Tatiana Gerusova. It perfectly reflects GUESS’ all American style and rich denim heritage that has characterized the brand for the past several decades.

Introducing the “GUESS Originals – 1981 Anniversary Capsule” Collection

Gerusova’s lens transports the viewer back to an era when the Marciano brothers transformed denim workwear jeans into must-have fashion pieces. Furthermore, photographed inside an actual California denim washing facility, the campaign follows Hailey and Stefano as they exemplify the sensual and carefree essence of the GUESS brand. The denim creations and iconic logo tee’s found in the capsule demonstrate that GUESS, 35 years after creating the fashion denim culture and introducing the category to the global fashion industry, still remains a pioneer in denim.

Following international launches, GUESS South Africa launched the GUESS Originals 1981 Anniversary Capsule at the Tin Factory in Johannesburg on the 20th of July 2017. Partnering with Cosmopolitan; COTY  provided each goodie bag with a 1981 GUESS Fragrance. Also, Bacher and Co accessorized the models with timepieces. And, GHD and 3INA styled the models hair and make-up to perfection. Lastly, Bombay Sapphire Gin had a bar that kept the party going like a well-oiled machine. The star-studded launch event, was attended by celebrities, media and top fashion guru’s in South Africa.

The GUESS Originals 1981 Anniversary Capsule

This keeps with the unique stone-washed and hand treated denim techniques developed by the Marciano brothers back in the 80’s. These techniques have remained a key part of GUESS’ roots. Furthermore, woven labels, buttons and rivets embrace the same aesthetic as the original pieces. These mirror the assortment of American and Italian fabrics used in the collections from the 80’s and 90’s.

Mixing equal parts modern and vintage, the denim heavy women’s assortment delivers a range of jeans and skirts. Also, jackets, vests and chambray shirts in a variety of both oversized and fitted designs. 90’s logo-mania returns making a big statement in the stone-washed denim group. That is, using logo letter appliqué, archival embroidery patches and laser printing to update the modern aesthetic. Also, to lend a classic nod to the 90’s era varsity look.

Oversized longline tees and vests are styled as dresses and worn over baggy high-waisted jeans. They reflect the 35th anniversary collection’s laid-back, vintage vibe. Furthermore, form-fitting bodysuits as well as cropped tops, racerback tanks and sweatshirts stamped with a classic GUESS logo balance out any oversized piece in the capsule and add a touch of sexy to your vintage ensemble.

The spring 2017 men’s GUESS Originals 1981 Anniversary Capsule collection

This brings back the 90’s retro brights with pop colors splashed on oversized tee’s and swished on old school GUESS logo’s. Thus, blending GUESS’ all-American heritage with collegiate-cool, a head-turning varsity vintage jacket in vibrant coral. Also, patched with artwork from the GUESS archives, it steps up your sartorial layering game and adds a punch color to your wardrobe.

For denim, selvedge 1981 jeans with destroyed details in dark and light indigo shades are classic hits. Also, this includes the indigo denim jackets with bold authentic GUESS embroidery and patches. They pair well with sashed indigo and heather grey drop shoulder sweatshirts that can either be worn alone or layered over a semi-distressed chambray button-down shirt.

Stand a chance to win an Iphone 6 Plus phone cover +  a clutch purse + a selfie stick

Yes, you read that right! We’re giving away an Iphone 6 Plus phone cover, a clutch purse and a selfie stick to one lucky person.


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70 responses to “Introducing The New GUESS Collection – Stand A Chance To WIN!”

  1. Anita Dingwayo Avatar
    Anita Dingwayo

    loving it, i would real rock on this. love, love love

  2. emlyn THOMAS Avatar
    emlyn THOMAS

    Iphone 7 plus and iphone 6 plus cover will work on iphone 7 plus

  3. kamilah francis Avatar
    kamilah francis

    comfortable,feminine yet conservative

  4. Depashni Marie Avatar
    Depashni Marie

    My personal style is the sportsluxe look. I love wearing black , I love wearing jeans and sneakers. Whatever looks comfortable is my.go-to style.

  5. Dawn Clarke Avatar
    Dawn Clarke

    my personal style, smart casual, comfortable, sassy and unique

  6. Annette Hamann Avatar
    Annette Hamann

    I’m a huge guess fan but unfortunately I don’t own a pair of guess jeans. They will be perfect for me for both casual and smart affairs. My style is more smart casual. Fingers crossed

  7. Nivashini Thaver Avatar
    Nivashini Thaver

    I’m the most relaxed casual dresser ever! I can live in jeans. My first memory of my hubby and I was even before we started dating and this sweet man bought me my favourite Guess Pink perfume set with a matching pink Guess bag. Someone listened to what I loved the most. Been a fan forever!!!

  8. Salochana Naidoo Avatar
    Salochana Naidoo

    My personal style is simple but classy. I’m always at me best when I’m comfortable. I don’t get tied down by peer pressure, but instead see what works for me.

  9. Chrisna Avatar

    My wife and I both love Guess clothing, fingers crossed.

  10. Candice Pitro Avatar

    This is a fabulous prize!! Fingers crossed

  11. Wendy Vivier Avatar
    Wendy Vivier

    Awesome! Stylish and tasteful!

  12. Este Avatar

    The style is so comfortable could see myself wearing it

  13. Shelley Wessels Avatar
    Shelley Wessels

    Femine and classic

  14. Simone Cameron Avatar

    My style I’d say is casual and comfortable, though I like to be feminine in a more classic, timeless sort of way.

  15. Roxanne Chutthergoon Avatar
    Roxanne Chutthergoon

    Chic and Trendy

  16. Mira Naidu Avatar

    Trendy,fun, standout. I love feminine design’s

  17. Soraya asmal Avatar
    Soraya asmal

    Over the years my style has definitely changed a lot, from tomboy sneakers and ts, to flared jeans, vests and heels to shorts, flip flops and now I dress for complete comfort with a dash of sassy and edgy look. I like to keep up with the trends and go with the flow. ??????

  18. Jo Avatar

    sassy chic 🙂

  19. Anusha Naidoo Avatar
    Anusha Naidoo

    My Style is all about Comfort and Simplicity
    Simple yet epitomizes my femininity.
    Its all about looking and feeling comfortable, I can wear a simple outfit and dress it up with accessories from jewelry to a handbag to a scarf around my neck to heels.
    It looks classy although its simple .

  20. Tiyana Avatar

    This is the best by far I love everything about this style 😀 I liked and shared

  21. Nompumelelo Abligain Avatar

    My style would be described as trendy and very much “girly
    girl”. I love keeping up with the latest fashions, but I don’t try
    and force them on myself if they don’t fit “me”. Sometimes
    I’m the consummate diva, sometimes I’m laid back and easy
    and some days I’m earthy or afrocentric. I dress according to
    how I’m feeling on any particular day, but my look always has
    a very feminine flair to it.
    As for perfumes…they don’t fit my style at all. Though I’m
    very feminine, I don’t care for overly feminine fragrances. I
    don’t at all like fruity scents, and I don’t like one-dimensional
    florals. I generally stay away from florals, but if I do wear
    them they have to be paired with some other notes that are
    more earthy. I adore amber and other resinous/boozy scents.
    I’m a huge fan of oriental frags. Basically, the edgier the

  22. Samantha Martin Avatar
    Samantha Martin

    Conservative meets 70’S 😉

    1. Trish Avatar

      Yes, I agree with you Samantha
      How stunning is the collection?

  23. Chalene C Avatar

    I work in a Hospital so I wear smart clothes during the week but on weekends I am all about casual and comfy clothing

    1. Trish Avatar

      Hi Chalene
      Weekend wear should be comfortable. After all it is the one time we get to relax

  24. veronica Avatar

    retired now so really only wear simply yet stylish casualwear

  25. Wendy Stroud Avatar

    simple, casual and comfortable for everyday but love to dress up for special occasions

  26. Bernadine Avatar

    My style is elegant & trendy

  27. REHANA seedat Avatar
    REHANA seedat


  28. Kabelo Phalane Avatar
    Kabelo Phalane

    My personal style is simplicity and comfort…

  29. Rumbarani Naidoo Avatar
    Rumbarani Naidoo

    The best way to describe my personal style is: versatile. I hate conforming to a specific style because I’m always open to stepping out of my comfort zone and switching up my looks.

  30. Daniela Cardoso Avatar

    I have an very individual style and do not conform to fashion trends, I love denims and jeans are my staple, love tshirts, vintage shirts and dress

  31. Cathy Badenhorst Avatar
    Cathy Badenhorst

    casual, relaxed , Boho Chic

  32. Petra van der Merwe Avatar
    Petra van der Merwe

    My personal style is quite minimalist in dress and hair. I’m a fan of ‘ less is more’

  33. Carolyn Augustus Avatar
    Carolyn Augustus

    Minimalist classic, comfort above all else. I’m a good ol’ plain Jane

  34. Lyn Avatar

    Casual, relaxed, comfortable

  35. Ginna Avatar

    My personal style is relaxed and comfortable ?

  36. Ria Kahl Avatar
    Ria Kahl

    Awesome love giveaways

  37. Lynnith Andreou Avatar
    Lynnith Andreou

    My style is extremely laid back! Casual Bohemian

  38. Lynn botha Avatar
    Lynn botha

    I like to be comfortable.. so that is most important to me

  39. Jackie Katzen Avatar
    Jackie Katzen

    I beleive less is more, my style is quite simple and understated

  40. Marc McDonald Avatar
    Marc McDonald

    relaxed and individual

  41. Martie Schoeman Avatar
    Martie Schoeman

    Oh my word!!! This is what I need! My phone is long overdue!

  42. Michele Avatar

    I would say I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of person but I also love a bit of glam 🙂 I’ve been a Guess fan for years, this prize would totally make my year! Thanks

  43. Lisa-Ann Stieger Avatar
    Lisa-Ann Stieger

    My style is relaxed and uncomplicated yet stylish.

  44. Emizer Vinkhumbo? (@Oka_Vin_K) Avatar
    Emizer Vinkhumbo? (@Oka_Vin_K)


  45. Etienne Avatar

    New Guess

  46. Tanusta Jainarain Avatar
    Tanusta Jainarain


  47. Shelayne Roman Avatar

    I’m obsessed with denims and Guess is my ultimate brand

  48. Nicole Naicker Avatar

    My personal style reflects me ,a beautiful persona and what I take time to perfect,in my own way timeless and chic

  49. Martie Schoeman Avatar
    Martie Schoeman

    To me Less is more!

  50. Rashika Harduth Avatar
    Rashika Harduth

    Guess is my favorite brand, and I would be honored to win this awesome prize. It would add to my guess bag collection.

  51. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    Fantabulous prize – would love to win – still using the old Nokia which is ‘past its sell-date’ an is destined to go to cell heaven soon

  52. Megan Hartwig Avatar
    Megan Hartwig

    My personal style is quite minimalist in dress and hair.I’m a fan of ‘ less is more’ and I will never be seen in anything with frills because I look plain silly. Though scent wise I love my bold dramatic chypres and florals. So I’m not a minimalist with scent eg J C Ellena’s style.Perfume is a deeply personal choice to me and I choose scents that ‘move’ me and feel strongly about ( most of the time! )

    I’m not a ‘ girlie girl ‘ type at all though I’m very particular about good grooming. Heels ( 2.5 inches or more ) are all I own apart from my shoes for exercise – not owning a single pair of flats or any shoes that are black in color. They’re all nude ,beige and other colors. That’s it I think…… BUT I love my jewelry (don’t wear them much anymore though! I adore pearls ! )

  53. Loshini munsamy Avatar
    Loshini munsamy

    I wil love to own this fabulous prizes, its sumthing I can never own. #thenewguesscollection

  54. Dawn Avatar

    My personal style is elegant and unusual

  55. Gloria Avatar

    My personal style is unique

  56. Nooreen Agherdien Avatar

    I would best describe my style as minimal chic with a pops of quirky colours

  57. Tania Brewis Avatar
    Tania Brewis

    My style is Simple Comfort. The one item that expresses my clothing style is jeans. I love jeans. I have all my life. They are “home” to me. Boot cut jeans are my “go to” item. I can dress them up by wearing black jeans with a nice sweater or dress down by teaming them with a loose comfortable top.

  58. Leigh-Anne Swart Avatar
    Leigh-Anne Swart

    I would describe my personal style as confident and sassy ..I love Guess Denims as they make me feel so sexy and they suit my figure….

  59. Janel Sunderlall Avatar
    Janel Sunderlall

    My style is classic yet trendy.

  60. Corrine Avatar

    So what i need

  61. Eve Titmuss Avatar
    Eve Titmuss

    Love Guess

  62. Tania Avatar

    My style is simple, yet timeless and elegant

  63. Naina Avatar

    Wow amazing giveaway.

  64. Losh Don Kisten Avatar
    Losh Don Kisten

    Sassy, with a bit fierceness but gentle as a cat

  65. Anisha Singh Avatar
    Anisha Singh

    My mum always taught me that money doesn’t buy style. So yes! Ever since I was a kid, I loved starting my own trends & even designed my own outfits for raves! Think blue satin belll bottoms & a sequin crop! Well as I got older, my inner wild child subsided a bit. So now my style is London chic… I love buying quality items like trench coats and mixing them with sleek black pants & nude heels. So my style is real & classic with a chic flair! Ooh la la!

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