Is Social Media Increasing Your Risk Of Heart Attack?

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Before social media, you’d spend time looking out of your window. You’d see your next-door neighbour drive out in his shiny Beemer . And, you’d be jealous because you were driving the forgotten Toyota for a very long long time.

This however, pushed you to excel in your career and you’re now driving a better car. But, it’s still not enough. Your friend James has just bought a brand new Audi Q7 and just returned from a holiday in the Maldives. He also sends his son to the best private school and his wife doesn’t work because she doesn’t have to.

This can make you feel stressed. You’re not earning enough money to be able to afford things that others around you do. But, how do you know that James is having the time of his life? Probably through his social media profile…

This is just how social media is causing anxiety levels to shoot up. It’s also causing a lot of people to go into debt just to “keep up with the Jones’…”

You need to try not to protect yourself from social anxiety. Here are two facts you should consider if you’re falling into this trap.

You don’t know whether James can actually afford all he has

If you’re jealous of James and want everything he has, think about whether he can actually afford it. He too could be overspending just to  comply with social pressure. James could be growing his debt and may have just as much social anxiety as you.

It’s wiser to invest your money than spend it on material possessions

It’s definitely great to go on holiday, buy a new car and spend money like it grows on trees. However, what will happen when you’re retired and not earning money any more? Think about the anxiety you’ll have to deal with for the rest of your granny life. Seek professional help to control your finances if you have  to so you don’t fall into the trap of anxiety brought on by social media 

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Tips to help manage anxiety and keep your heart healthy

1. Get plenty of exercise – Exercise helps counteract the harmful effects of stress and anxiety. However, you have to aim for at least 30 to 40 minutes, 4 to 5 days a week. 

2. Seek treatment for constant depression or anxiety – These can increase your risk of dying from heart disease especially if you already have it.

3. Build a strong support system – According to research, having someone you can talk to and trust, being married or belonging to organizations or a religion can help reduce your stress levels and your risk of heart disease.

4. Reduce stress from work – Having a demanding job that offers few opportunities to make decisions can increase your stress and anxiety levels putting you at risk of heart disease.

Try to avoid social media especially if seeing other peoples Facebook lives leaves you stressed.

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