Is Your Skin Scrub Harming The Environment?

A Skin scrub works as an important element in your weekly skin care regimen for enhancing your skin’s health and
appearance. But, how much damage is it causing to the environment?

Ground apricot kernels are one of the most environmentally friendly and natural scrub particles found in skin care products, however, it is much more expensive; about 10 times the price of plastic microbeads. A current hot topic is the tiny plastic beads in some cleansers and scrubs, and how bad they are for the environment.

Microbeads get into hard to reach places

In science, you can primarily use them to separate biological materials. Their size, their surface area and the sheer number of them makes microbeads a huge problem once they make it into marine ecosystems. The scale of this tiny problem is huge. A September 2015 study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology estimated, that 808 trillion plastic microbeads are washed down US household drains every day. Of those, eight trillion make it through water treatment plants and out into lakes, oceans and rivers.

The UK parliament’s environmental audit committee estimates up to 100 000 micro beads are washed down the drain during a single shower

These beads are in turn ingested by marine life and have been found in zooplankton, mussels, oysters, seals and whales along with several other species. One study found microplastic contamination to be present in 36.5 % of fish in the English Channel, leading to concerns that the problem extends further than realized.

Commenting on the research, Mary Creagh, the Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, said: “This raises important questions about the damage microplastics could be doing to our marine environment. We know shellfish
and fish are ingesting plastic fragments, what we don’t know is the effect this is having on them and on human health. Therefore, the most effective way to reduce microplastic pollution is to prevent plastic entering our waters in the first place. Thus, cosmetic companies need to clean up their act and phase out the plastic microbeads causing marine pollution.

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Ground apricot kernels are an excellent natural and safe substitute for plastic microbeads

Q: Can you use apricot abrasives on acne and sensitive skin?

A: Definitely, however, application must be very gentle because apricot kernels are more abrasive than plastic microbeads.

Q: What about my wrinkles?

A: A scrub with apricot kernel abrasives helps to get rid of the old, dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to allow new skin to grow. Therefore, over time, this exfoliating action can help get rid of fine lines and small wrinkles.

Q: I have blackheads!

A: An apricot scrub deep cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells and blackheads. Furthermore, it unclogs pores, keeping the skin smooth and radiant while stimulating fresh cell growth.

Q: Will my pigmentation improve when I use ?

A: The scrub can help in improving your skin tone by exfoliating the damaged skin cells. This adds prevention of pigmentation to reveal, the newer and lighter skin cells beneath.

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