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Detox Challenge

Feeling a bit sluggish lately? We know, at least instinctively, that we need to clean up our bodies and our lifestyles. Many of us feel we are not functioning at full potential or we have been diagnosed with something serious or debilitating.

We tend to try medicines and other methods, but nothing really seems to work, not for long that is. Your body could be telling you that it’s time for a cleanse. The truth is, our bodies are bombarded by a host of poisonous compounds every day, most of which we are blissfully unaware of. They may be in small amounts but cumulatively we know they must be having an effect on our state of health.

Getting informed so that we can make better choices regarding our exposure levels is in fact paramount and there are many books written on the subject if we care to look. Dr Clark is of course the master on this subject and her books are available from Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing. Essentially, trying to ‘detox’ without understanding where the toxins are coming from can be a temporary fix at best , as you will continue to be exposed to the same toxins and will likely recreate the problem sooner or later.

Signs you need to Detox

  1. – White or yellow-coated tongue and/or bad breath
  2. – Fluid retention and/or congested sinuses
  3. – Increased belly or visceral fat
  4. – Cravings and/or blood sugar issues
  5. – Abdominal bloating
  6. – Overheating/excess sweating
  7. – Weight loss resistance
  8. – Acne, rosacea, itchy skin
  9. – Fatigue unrelieved by more sleep, especially in the morning
  10. – Moodiness
  11. – Chemical sensitivity – you’re a lightweight when you drink alcohol or smelling fragrances makes you anxious
  12. – Insomnia – especially early morning awakenings such as 1-4 a.m.

If you have 4 or more of these signs, you may have a congested liver that needs a vacation. I suggest a detox for a minimum of  10 days.

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We wish you all encouragement, determination and success in your new quest of healing your body, mind and soul. You are on the verge of an exciting and healing journey of empowerment and discovery. TAKING BACK YOUR POWER OF SELF HELP, SELF HEALTH. As you familiarize yourself with our protocols and naturally those of Dr Hulda Clark herself, please bear in mind that you are in charge. After you have accustomed yourself to Dr Hulda Clark protocols and her procedures, you may set whatever pace suits you financially, emotionally and mentally. It is up to you to watch, feel and assess your body. Look out for when the next step of detoxification should take place. It is obvious that your level of success will be measured by your commitment and implementation of the procedures.

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