Keep Your Home Trendy On A Budget

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A bit bored of the interior in your home? Do you think to yourself that it’s time to redo and revamp your living quarters, but lack the credit to carry out most of the alterations? We’ve been there, and here’s how we transformed our home from drab to #TOTES FAB!

Splash of paint

It might be a good idea to ask your landlord if it is ok before you grab your paintbrushes but if you’ve got approval, painting a room can totally refresh a space. Chalkboard paint is also a fun option as you and guests can write fun messages down on the walls, while sipping on some pinot noir, naturally.

Bring some greenery inside
You’d be amazed at the selection of indoor plants available to you from a local garden centre. Plants not only add colour to any space, but also help literally clear the air. Just remember to water them. Dead plants are not pleasant to be around.

Elegant loft-style living
Trendy open space living

Clutter is the enemy
No matter who you might be, you’re bound to have tons of items that you’re not using anymore. Busy and cluttered environments are tacky ones. This is the cheapest and most effective way to spruce up your home. Find a charity and donate these items. Not only will you feel better for it, but your home will look fab as well.

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Get something new
Finding a quality product to become the centrepiece of your home can transform an entire space. If you’re worried about reaching for the credit card again, you can always rent-to-own items from Teljoy (not just for TVs, and when you’re bored of it you can upgrade it at anytime). Another alternative is to buy something off a secondhand website, but then again it isn’t really new (if you know what we mean). Whichever route you choose just be sure not to bankrupt yourself.

Casual loft-style living
Casual loft-style living

Put your back into it!
The easiest way to change your home is to rearrange your space. Placing your couch in a new spot, changing the position of paintings on a wall… whatever you do, just move it around. You’ll feel so much better seeing your items in a new space, it will actually feel like a brand new apartment!

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Article by Andrew Macfarlane

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