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I have been counting the days to begin my detox programme, mainly because I have not been looking after my health and need a good bodily Spring-clean. I have battled this Winter to find any motivation to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Firstly, I am not a Winter person, but mainly because I have just opened my Business for the 6th time in the past 18 months and feel completely demotivated. With every bit of time and energy that I have, I have been purring into the re-opening and getting my Business up and running again. 

Although I drink a few glasses of water each day, I am not drinking nearly as much water as I should.  My diet is probably still considered healthy compared to many others, but I have not been almost as healthy as I usually am. I have not exercised for weeks now and have no motivation to do so.  Thankfully I am sleeping well, as I have a CBD gummy every night. I am in a permanent state of worry and stress about my Business. Every night I drink light wine, and on the weekends, I have been binging in sweets, chocolate and beers.

Generally, I am in good health, but I could and should be a lot healthier. My stomach is extremely bloated, and my bowel movements are not regular. I do take Aloe bitter daily, and this helps immensely. I suffer from daily headaches and confess that instead of my natural headaches treatments, I have been popping a pill here and there. My nails have white lines, which is always a sure sign that I should be healthier. When going upstairs, I feel that I am shorter of breath than usual, and my body feels stiff from lack of exercise. I get irritable quickly, probably due to not feeling 100% healthy and stressed.

Feeling bloated and little overweight, weighing 59.3 kg

Klean Detox & Weight Loss
Klean Detox & Weight Loss

Klean Goals

  1. Lose 3kg
  2. Strengthen nails
  3. Revitalise skin
  4. Motivated for daily life
  5. Feel more relaxed
  6. Exercise daily
  7. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day 

Sleep – emotions – water – diet – exercise – stress – gut – emotions – weight

Day 1

All went well.  I began y day with my Klean powder in water, and I liked the taste. It is delicious.  Following this, I drank two glasses of ginger water. I am afraid to say that it was so freezing yesterday and to try and warm myself up, I had 2 cups of coffee.  I ate a green pear for breakfast.  I had a huge bowl of steamed Brussel sprouts and dinner; we had Salmon and a spicy veggie dish in coconut milk.  Oh, and confession time – I had 2 glasses of light white wine. I took my 2 revive tablets mid-afternoon and ended the evening with a glass of water with my powder and a probiotic capsule.  I drank about 4 cups of black unsweetened rooibos tea and 7 glasses of warm ginger water.

Day 2

I woke up feeling really good today. I am very bloated, though and have taken 2 aloe bitter fibre tablets. Down by 0.2 kg.  I didn’t sleep that well but to be fair, they had just painted our room, and the smell was overbearing. All went OK – I ate healthily – took all my powders and supplements, and had a good nights sleep. Confession:  I have still not exercised, and now that it is warming up, I need to get my fitness game on

Day 3

Hmmm, I am feeling a bit down today and not sure why.  I woke up with a headache and then received a sarcastic message from a colleague. This is a reminder to me how we can upset other people’s days by not being kind and mindful about what we say and how we say it. Our eldest son’s birthday is fascinating, and tonight we will have a good Celebration.

Day 4

Wow, I woke up feeling a lot better today and not so bloated.  I must say that I have been sleeping well and woke up energised.  I have been eating healthily but not dieting; although I haven’t eaten sugar this week, I have had some wine with our family Birthday Celebrations.  I have been down by 0.3 kg since Monday, and long maybe this last.  I went to the hairdresser and had a long overdue haircut.  Hmm still not motivated to exercise, but I know I must get my act together soon.

Watch this space as I continue my Klean Detox & Weight Loss Journey 

I would love you to join me on the Klean Journey – Please click here to purchase your Klean Kit




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    Watch this space as I continue my Klean Detox & Weight Loss Journey 

    I would love you to join me on the Klean Journey – Please click here to purchase your Klean Kit

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