Long Lashes & Energized Eyes With Chanel Beauty

If you are anything like me and feel your dreams of becoming a plant-based-stress-free-yogi by winter have not been achieved,  and you feel you have taken on a much harder life as a caffeine-based-don’t-have-enough-hours-in-my-day-mess then this post is for you… 




Long lashes and energized eyes are pretty much the only two things I feel I really need in my life right now, which is why I found this blog post important to write, even though my piles of work and never-ending to-do lists have been screaming out for help. 

I had a thought… What could I possibly do to hide these beautiful bags my eyes carry with me throughout my day? And I had to share my discovery with you all! 


Long Lashes: Mascara! The Best Kept Secret To Stress-Free Living

Have you ever tried a mascara and then glanced in the mirror and looked like a completely new person? Neither did I, until I discovered the magnificent “Le Volume De Chanel Mascara” 



This innovative, high-precision mascara achieves instant volume and intense color in a single stroke for longer, thicker-looking lashes.


Natural waxes deliver instant volume while rapid-drying acacia gum sets and intensifies the curl. Film-forming agents preserve suppleness and help build volume evenly. A Chanel-exclusive ‘Snowflakes’ brush combines long and short bristles for an extreme, eye-opening effect.


Energized Eyes: Silky Soft, Refreshed Under-Eyes

There is no better feeling than taking off your makeup at the end of each day! Especially when your eyes feel soothed and calm before heading to sleep. 


The “Démaquillant Yeux Intense Gentle Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover” is a dual-phase formula eye-makeup remover that effectively and gently whisks away all makeup, even waterproof mascara, with the refreshing feel of the water and no oily film. Eyelids are soft and supple, and lashes are protected. 

Key Ingredients

Cornflower Extract and Rose Extract soothe and calm the vulnerable eye area.

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