Lets Celebrate 30 Years Of Newport With Michel Herbelin

Three decades of timeless beauty, three decades of beautiful history! If you are wondering how 30 years of an item has not gone out of style we have the answers to all of your questions.

Watch lovers, as well as watch brands, understand that smartphones affect the use of watches. After all, most people use their phones to tell the time. However, smartphone companies are also now making wrist watches! Why? Well, because you can’t always pull out your phone to check the time. However, the majority of people have still been loyal to wearing classic pieces on their wrists. 

I wear wrist watches because they are the only accessory I wear on my wrist.  They are simply an expression and extension of who I am.

Here Are A Few Other Reasons Why Wrist Watches Won’t Go Out Of Style:

They Are Convenient

A wristwatch is the most convenient way to tell time. Some people will argue that they don’t need a watch because they have phones. Bear in mind that these are the same people questioning the adverse effects of constantly using a cellphone. You will agree though that regularly fishing for a cell phone just to check the time can make you look desperate. On the other hand, quickly glancing towards your wrist is a classier and politer way to check the time during a meeting or date. 

They Are functional

One big advantage of a wearing a watch – especially over a smartphone – is the length of its battery life. In fact, some watches use a small amount of energy from a battery, while others can self-power through motion. Now, compare this to a smart phone’s 8-hour battery life.

They Are Fashionable

Watches can tell a lot about your fashion sense. And, because men have a limited range of acceptable jewellery, they wear watches more often than women. Women also like to wear wrist watches to bring out their style and taste.

They Have Sentimental Or Historical Value

Those who are interested in collecting masterpieces belonging to different generations love watches which have become very popular among them. Owning the wristwatch of a loved one that passed on can also be considered as an excellent way to remember that person. And, if you prefer to give wristwatches as gifts to your loved ones, they will surely last for a long period of time for their sentimental value.

1988 – 2018: Three Decades Of History With Michel Herbelin 

1988: An Icon Is Born

In the early 1980s, when Jean-Claude Herbelin took over the reins of the company his father founded, he set his sights on launching a new collection that would encapsulate the core values and French watchmaking heritage of the Michel Herbelin brand. This collection would go on to become a figurehead of the Michel Herbelin style.

The Newport collection honours the family’s passion for sailing and the sea. Inspired by the yachts competing in the America’s Cup Race in Newport, Rhode Island, these timepieces have anchored the brand’s reputation in the world of sailing, where watchmaking played a key role in keeping seafarers safe from the late 18th century onwards.

The 2000s: Flagship collection stays the course

The Newport Royale line was designed with women in mind. These quartz watches feature genuine mother-of-pearl dials decorated with diamonds and are available in a choice of steel or 18K yellow gold. The Newport J-Class line was inspired by the company’s watchmaking heritage. These automatic timepieces are assembled by hand using the calibre of artisan craftsmanship and skill associated with J-class yachts.

In 2008 the Newport Trophy Grand Sports line was launched, comprising chronograph sports watches and diving watches in ceramic, rubber and stainless steel.

2017: A New Age Dawns

The Newport Connect watch, unveiled at Baselworld, stays true to traditional watchmaking codes, integrating smart functions in a classic analogue dial. A distillation of innovative technology showcased in a watch inspired by the iconic Newport collection, the Newport Connect by Michel Herbelin is the first smartwatch made in France, marking a milestone in French watchmaking history.

2018: Setting Sail for Future Success

The Newport watch continues to be the brand’s number one best-seller. It is made in Charquemont, France, in the same small town near the Swiss border where watchmaking enthusiast Michel Herbelin set up shop in 1947 to produce his first Impec watches, timepieces of simple, elegant design.

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