Let’s All Get Mindless


Yes, You Heard Correctly!!!  Let’s All Get Mindless. The buzzword these days is “Mindfulness.”  There are Mindfulness books/ course/ workshops/ c.d’s/ talks and so much more.  

Most of us use mindfulness in our daily lives, by either meditating, using mindfulness techniques or just being mindful of how we live our lives, what we eat, and how we treat others.

But the big question here is, Are any of us Mindless?  Well, to be honest with you, I don’t even know what mindlessness is, but I have an idea.  Yesterday when a group of us Life Retreaters were having a check-in, as to how we were all feeling at work, I explained a technique that I use to prevent me from getting out of bed feeling anxious.  I will describe this fantastic technique some other time. In a nutshell, it is getting out of my head and fully into my heart and soul, and by default, I called this “Mindlessness.”

After much laughter, we all agreed that that is precisely what we are aiming at when we meditate or deal with emotional issues.  Surely mindfulness is focusing on our minds, whereas the goal of being mindful is to get out of our minds.  I would love feedback from you, as to how you perceive Mindfulness, and what you think of our new Life Retreat term: Mindlessness.

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How I get mindless

A couple of months ago, I turned my week around, and instead of aiming to have a chilled day on Fridays, leading up to the weekend, I now start Mondays off as my chill day.  On Sunday night I get excited about Mondays, whereas I used to get a knot in my stomach.  At Life Retreat Studio Ryan guides us in group meditation at 8;15 am, followed by a fantastic Kundalini yoga class.  For anyone living in the Cape, I would highly recommend this. For those of you who are living anywhere else in the World, Shame!  No, I am only joking!  The good news is that you can download Ryan’s meditation c.d on this link.  Plus tune into our Life Retreat Studio Facebook page every Tuesday at 11;30, when Ryan and Life Retreat Studio hold a live meditation.

I have done a bit of research on the topic, and in a nutshell, moving from mindfulness to mindlessness is moving from “doing’ to “being.” From ‘thinking” to “feeling”  Mindfulness was derived from Zen Buddhism, and I am beginning to wonder whether the lesson here for us was instead to be mindless than mindful, and perhaps we all misinterpreted it along the way.   Either way, we see it, or no matter how we practice it, it is vitally essential that every day for at least 20 minutes we step out of our minds, and egos and into our hearts and souls.  Enabling us to maintain pure hearts, and healthy minds and bodies.

Interestingly enough the dictionary describes: Mindful as “aware and paying attention.”  And, mindless as “stupid and senseless”   The latter is probably not a bad concept in retrospect, as maybe we are all, so purpose driven, that we need to have some “senseless” time daily.

Meditation Alternatives

As I have mentioned, meditation is a wonderful tool, but there are other ways of stepping into our hearts and souls, and these include:

  • Yoga/ Martial Arts
  • Painting
  • Crafting
  • Being Creative
  • Spending time with Friends and Loved Ones
  • Doing Good Deeds
  • Helping Others
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Playing

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So what are you up to this weekend?  I know what we are doing! We are going to have a Mindless Party, and instead of getting Motherless with drugs and alcohol, we are going to get Mindless the healthy way!

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Please comment below with your thoughts, ideas, and wisdom !!!

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