Lets go glamping

Want to go camping without having to endure sleeping in a lumpy sleeping bag over hard rocks, a flat pillow, and missing all the luxuries of home while out in the wild? Then you need to go glamping.

Not heard of glamping? It’s the style of camping my mother would have approved of. All the glory of the great outdoors without foregoing any of the creature comforts of home; in short, glamorous camping.

Glamping is glamorous, comfy, and feels like you’re inside

There is one slight snag ‘though. The average glamping resort costs upwards of $1000 a night. Did we mention, per person? There’s got to be a more affordable way. There is! Trust ePromo to add a few touches of glamour to your next camping trip.

Bamboo pillow

Let’s start at the top. Don’t leave home without your bamboo pillow to nestle your head into after a long’s day fishing, hiking, swimming or game-viewing. Thanks to its revolutionary, interlocking memory foam inner, the ePromo bamboo pillow cradles your head and neck in a gentle hug for correct alignment
 of nerves, tendons and muscles – whether you sleep on your back, front or side. And both the bamboo cover and the memory foam inner are machine washable so you don’t need to worry about getting it messed up.

bottle buddy
Bottle buddy

In true glamping style, there’s really nothing more relaxing than a glass of your favourite wine as the sun goes down, the fire is lit and the tjoppies are doused in marinade. Especially when you’ve remembered to bring your buddies along. Your ePromo Bottle Buddy is battery operated and makes short work of opening bottle after bottle of South Africa’s finest – while the ePromo Braai Buddy, crafted from surgical stainless steel for hygiene and strength, is ideal for camping. Its ergonomic design provides extra comfort and control in handling those springy tjoppies and twirly wors, while its unique LED light technology ensures perfectly grilled food, even at those evening braai’s under the stars. No need to burn your fingers or the food, this is glamping, after all.

Braai buddy
Braai buddy

Other glamping ideas for you next camping trip

Finally, what would glamping be without ambience? If you’re of the happy-camper variety have we got great news for you – the ePromo Boombox turns virtually anything into a speaker! Really. We’re talking the camping table, the car bonnet, the Styrofoam cooler box..anything. Just plug in your mp3 player, cellphone, iPad or laptop, stick Boombox on any surface or object and you instantly have a mobile, on-the-go speaker so you can party all night long.

But if you prefer Nature’s symphony of crickets, frogs and distant animal calls, and want for nothing more than just a gentle glow to add coziness to your fireside stories, opt for Smart Living Flameless Candles. They’re wind resistant, environmentally friendly and clean and allow you to enjoy the beauty and luxurious vanilla aroma that comes with using real candles without any of the mess and fuss.

Flameless candles

And there you have it – your ePromo Guide to Glamping. Check out our website for further details about all these products. And don’t forget the sunblock.

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