A Letter From The Future

Letter From The Future

Today I’d like to share with you a very powerful tool that we use to great effect in the Life Coaching System.

As you no doubt know, life coaching is all about building better futures for people and we do that through showing clients how to overcome a variety of mental obstacles that impede them and harness the inherent power that they have been born with to achieve amazing things.

The subconscious mind plays a vital role in this as any good life coach will know.

“Create your future from your future, not your past.”
— Werner Erhard

Servant and Master

Your subconscious mind is a truly incredible data storage and retrieval system and works feverishly ‘behind the scenes’ to do the bidding of your conscious mind in a servant-master relationship.

It goes without saying then that it can be a very powerful ally in helping you to achieve what you want from life provided that your conscious mind is sending out the right instructions – and by instructions I refer to your emotionally charged thoughts, hopes and desires.

Because it operates on thoughts and emotions, the subconscious mind finds it difficult to distinguish between that which you vividly imagine (emotionally charged thoughts) and what actually happens in the physical world (reality).

Making the future a reality

letter from the future
This life coaching technique has helped hundred of thousands of people

Another way of saying this is that if you imagine something with enough clarity and passion, your subconscious mind will assume it forms part of your future reality and will pull out all the stops to bring it about.

Of course, it is necessary to hold a clear and consistent vision of what you want to achieve and, with all the distractions and negativity that we are surrounded with in this world, that is no mean feat in itself.

So the technique we use here is to describe the envisioned future state in evocative writing. In fact that is how we set goals – by describing them in a way that brings them to life or makes them seem part of our reality.

A Thankyou Letter

The Letter From the Future adds another ‘string’ to the reality ‘bow’ by writing about what it is like to have achieved the envisioned future state (or goal) in a letter to your life coach (or a loved one or special friend).

The process of writing a Letter from the Future transports your conscious mind forward to that time in the future when you envision having achieved what you set out to and to focus with great clarity on the details, feelings, emotions and environment that you associate with the achievement.

We recommend that the Letter From the Future is structured as a Thank You message to your life coach or someone special who you know will play a key role in helping you achieve your goal.

All of this primes the subconscious mind to find to ways to ensure this imagined ‘reality’ becomes part of your actual reality!

The Letter should not be a ‘once off write and forget’ but something you read regularly so that it becomes an instruction to your subconscious.

Here follows a brief but lovely example of a Letter From the Future that was written by one of our trainee coaches to his own coach at the start of his training. The coach’s name has been changed and the date left off.

Dear Lydia

Wow, wow, wow … The day I have been working so hard towards for the last twelve months is finally here. I am officially a certified life coach. How wonderful!

I have been shaking with excitement but am thankfully starting to calm down so I can do what I feel passionately about right now and that is to write and thank you.

I wish you could have seen me, a little earlier, kissing that beautiful piece of paper and punching the air as my amazing achievement suddenly became so real to me.

My thoughts straightaway turned to you and the consistent, caring and unfailing belief that you have shown in me over the past twelve months.

You helped me, you challenged me and you stretched me to go beyond my comfort zone to achieve something that I was at times not quite sure I had it in me to do – but which I now realise, thanks to your constant reminders, I was more than capable of.

Becoming a life coach has been my passion for a while now but I’m excited to say that it is no longer so. My new passion in life is to be the best life coach I can be. I aim to do for others what you have done for me, help me believe in myself and my ability with every fibre of my being!

I will finish now as I am beginning to tremble as I read this through! Let me finish the way I started …
Wow, wow, wow!

Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

In case you are wondering, the person who wrote this went on to become a certified coach almost a year to the day after he registered with us … and by all accounts he is now doing great work.

The Letter From the Future really works. Why don’t you give it a try?

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  1. Franjolene Avatar

    what an inno vative way to set yourself ultimation goals. I have saved this to my computer to keep remind myself in the future

    1. Joshua Avatar

      We appreciate your comment and setting yourself reminders is a great way to push yourself forward. Thank-you, Franjolene!

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