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Our Healing Hub is the first of its kind in Africa (situated on a premier Cape wine estate), and fulfills the vision of our passion for wellness and living a balance lifestyle that is fun, fresh, and engages your senses on every level!


What passion, interest, or hobby are you excited to share if you host an experience on Airbnb?

We have yoga (in our beautiful studio or outdoors, surrounded by the Helderberg mountains), hikes, clay pigeon shooting, spa treatments, wine & chocolate pairing, coffee tasting at the Roastery, beer tasting, weekly family food markets, a Lifestyle Shop, and more.

We are eager to share all these treasures and more with you in our Winelands Wellness Experiences. Furthermore, we can even arrange accommodation for our long-distance friends.

What new point of view would you want guests to gain after going on your experience?

We want to share our love for holistic living, calm environments, getting back into nature (our gardens are amazing!), and our motto for balanced lifestyle. We see life as something to be experienced through all the senses. Therefore, we want you to enjoy healthy body movement, mindful meditation, adventurous outdoor activities, and decadent food, wine and beer experiences.

What you gain here, you take home with you, and we share our secrets to how we love to live a life of health, balance, fun and positive energy


How did you discover this passion? How long have you been interested in it? And, how do you continue to learn more?

Our team (consisting of yoga teachers, healers, medical doctors, masseurs, and more) are authorities in the field of Wellness-based Experiences.

We continually train to improve, and update the quality of, our Lifestyle Days & Wellness Packages. This is regardless of the size of the group, or whether they are families, corporates, etc.


What special access can you give guests to make your experience stand out?

You will have access to off-limits areas of South Africa’s premier Wine Estate, and all the activities that entails. These include hikes, clay pigeon shooting, or tours of the gardens. In addition, you’ll view of one of the world’s most high-tech wine cellars.

Our Studio and Spa offer a sacred haven of tranquility, with some of the world’s top teachers, therapists, and guides facilitating your day.

The experience

How would you turn that passion into an actual experience?

Imagine arriving at our wine estate, at the foot of two merging mountain ranges, having (maybe) spent the night in our sister hotel next door. You partake in a yoga class (beginner friendly, indoors or out), with a light relaxation at the end. After that you enjoy one of several African coffee blends, and a healthy snack at our Roastery. Furthermore, you can then hop on the Jeep to fire some shots at our clay pigeon adventure range.

If shooting is not for you, how about booking in for a 60min deep massage at our Spiral Aloe Medi Spa. Or, choose from a variety of decadent treatments. Then, while touring you through our art gallery, we take you to the classic cars museum for an enlightening journey into the realm of our own Abru craft brewery before lunch.

Wait… There’s more

Lunch at the Millhouse with views of the Helderberg and Hottentots Holland is the perfect time to take pics of you and your group, catch up on the adventures of the day, refresh and fill the tummy with gourmet goodness.

Finally, walk on over to the Lourensford Wine Cellar for a wine & chocolate tasting experience to entice the senses.

If you are joining us on a Friday or Sunday, be sure to cruise your way through the Twilight Market. What’s more, you can stock up on fresh berries, low-carb treats, and every other food while listening to live music.

Anything else we should know about you?

We are passionate about bringing authentic African healing and lifestyle experiences to everyone – while making it fun, engaging and memorable.

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