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bonds and interest rates

You can pay off your bond years ahead of time and save thousands of rands in interest payments. Redeeming your
bond early and paying less is easy. All you have to know is how the system works and how to beat it.

When interest rates drop, don’t be tempted to reduce your monthly payments – continue making payments at the higher level. Try to repay as much as you can when interest rates are low to achieve even higher savings.

If you’re an endowment bond holder, you should review your policy and investment performance at regular intervals to be sure that it keeps pace with the amount outstanding on the bond. Also, re-arrange your policy to ensure it matures at the same time as the amended repayment date for your bond.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Enjoy your weekend!

Three Ways to Maximise Muscle Growth

Three Ways to Maximise Muscle Growth

If you want to maximise muscle growth, especially from your workouts, you have to know what and how to eat before and after each training session. The period before and immediately after training plays a major role in your success at growing your muscles. It is called the “anabolic window” and is the time when your body prepares to build muscle. However, according to Alan Aragon, a leading nutritionist, “The most important factor for muscle size and strength is your total daily protein intake. So, include at least 20g of protein at every meal and snack.” Here are three easy ways to quickly build muscles and increase muscle strength

Sleep Hacks, Family Rates & Pamper Packages

Sleep hacks

Hot off the heals from a beautiful Mandela Day, we must express our gratitude to all those who brought (and continue to bring) blankets for our charity drive. Here at the Healing Hub, we all dressed up in honour of our African cultures – and you can see how our lovely Nadine, Mel & Karen embraced the day in the pic above. I am seeing more and more how people are struggling to get good, healing, restful sleep at night, and so I have put some excellent tips and links into this newsletter to get you going!

How To Fight Depression Naturally With Food

Health Food

Eating too much processed food can affect your brain and lead to the symptoms of depression. In fact, mounting evidence shows that dietary deficiencies can sometimes cause depression and even schizophrenia. An Italian study revealed that almost all of the 331 depressed people taking part in the test had extremely low levels of cholesterol in their body. Evidence shows that very low-fat diets can cause depression. Click here to read on.

Recipe Of The Week – Sweet Bread Buns

Sweet Bread Buns

Nothing excites the taste buds like the aroma of freshly baked bread especially when you are hungry for an afternoon snack. These sweet bread buns are so mouth-watering that you will eat at least a couple at a goal. They are so soft and fluffy that you’ll be able to eat them plain. So, go ahead and give this recipe a try and don’t forget to let us know how it goes.

How The Handlebars On Your Bicycle Affect Your Sexual Health

How The Handlebars On Your Bicycle Affect Your Sexual Health

If you didn’t know the position of your handlebars on your bicycle can affect your sexual health, then you need to read this. Sitting in a specific position with low handlebars can have a huge impact on tissues of your sexual organs. This can in turn have have an adverse effect on your sexual health. Here’s what you can do to ensure your health is not affected while riding your bike.

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