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Are are afraid of being a landlord? Well, investing in property is a vast undertaking. However, if you have the capital and income to invest in a property to rent out, there are big rewards to reap over the long-term.

The greatest advantage is how you’ll be able to let your money grow over the years due to the increase in the value of your property.  But, that’s not all. Your property will generate you an income and there are tax advantages. To buy a property with the best potential of capital appreciation and one that appeals to prospective tenants, pinpoint up-and-coming areas that are set to do well in the future. Also, don’t put every last cent into an investment property. You need to assume that there will be times when your property will be empty. And, ensure your property gives tenants what they want.

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Recipe Of The Week – Beetroot Porridge

Beetroot Porridge

Most people do not even imagine beetroot as a breakfast ingredient but in recent times, this root vegetable has been added to smoothies or smoothie bowls, omelettes and cereals. Click here to get your recipe.

——–Gardening Tips——–

How We Started Growing Plants Without Soil

How We Started Growing Plants Without Soil

Yes! Growing plants without soil. My family has a background in everything business orientated and I found myself interested in being apart of this. So, I decided to work for my sisters printing and marketing company as a digital printer. After some time we decided to start a small coffee shop within our print shop for clients to sit and wait for express printing or just for a quick coffee. Click here to read on.

——–Health Tips——–

Six Signs You’re Surrounded By Too Many Toxins

Six Signs You’re Surrounded By Too Many Toxins

Your muscles are sore, always feeling fatigued, bad breath, struggling to lose weight, constipated and you’re struggling to lose weight. These are some of the main signs that you’re overexposing yourself to toxins.


Win A PEPPADEW® Hamper

Win a PEPPADEW® Hamper

There is no day that doesn’t deserve a PEPPADEW® zing – breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and any in-between snack. You now stand a chance to win a PEPPADEW® Hamper. Click here for giveaway details.

——–Most Read Article——–

How to Make Honey Liqueur

How to Make Honey Liqueur

There are a wide variety of honey liqueurs, and often they are also made with herbs and spices. However, because there is also a wide variety of honey it’s possible to make batches of honey liqueur that all taste completely different. It’s very easy to make your own honey liqueur. All you have to do is heat the honey with some water and then mix it with vodka. The flavors integrate better when left overnight, but if you’re truly impatient you can use it right away. Here’s my favourite honey liqueur recipe:

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