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One of the best ways of recognising whether someone is for or against you is to see whether he mirrors your body language. So, when someone shares feelings or attitudes, he will often adopt a similar body language.

For example, when one person crosses his legs, the other will do so too, almost as a sign of agreement. On the other hand, when he disagrees, the body signals start to differ as well. You can copy other people’s body language to win their confidence, minimise negative signals and maximise positive ones, to appear more confident.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Enjoy your weekend!


Recipe Of The Week – Avocado Cacao Mousse

Avocado Cacao Mousse

If you haven’t tried avocado cacao mousse before, you’ll love this vegan recipe. It is not only silky smooth and rich, but you can make it in minutes. What’s more, you really can’t taste the avocado. Click here to get your recipe.

——–Parenting Tips——–

Tips For Great Step Parenting

Tips For Great Step Parenting

Living with your new partner’s children may seem daunting, but you can build a unique relationship with him or her if you follow these step parenting tips.

——–Product Recommendations——–

Why Olive Oil Is Good For Your Bones

Why Olive Oil Is Hood For Your Bones

If you’re trying to ward off osteoporosis, you’re probably adding other foods to your diet other than forcing yourself to gug down that daily litre of milk! Well, you can now strengthen your bones by taking one ingredient that you can add to many of your meals. An ingredient that has just as many benefits for your bones as calcium. Click here to read on.


The Health Benefits Of Aloe Ferox Bitter

Aloe Ferox Bitter

The Aloe ferox plant yields two different saps. Aloe ferox bitter sap or extract, drained from the cut leaves, is used primarily for its laxative properties. You can use the nonbitter aloe gel, from the inner portion of the leaves, in health drinks, for skin care and as dietary fibre. You can then use laxatives to purge the intestines and stimulate bowel movement. Click here to read on.

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