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Food safety

It’s important to remember food safety especially when you shop. So, avoid buying food that’s in jars with bulging lids or in bulging or dented cans. Yes, you have to inspect every can and jar!

Furthermore, try to refrigerate perishable items within two hours of purchasing them. And lastly, put your fresh vegetables and fruits in bags rather than directly in the shopping carts to avoid contamination.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed this week here at Life Retreat. Enjoy your weekend!


—————Money Matters————–

Your Bitcoin Questions – ANSWERED

Bitcoin questions answered

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely heard about Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency or virtual currency is not only getting a lot of airtime in the media, but is also slowly taking over the financial world. Bitcoin isn’t a perfect financial system, and conventional money isn’ either. When you consider mainstream currencies such as the US Dollar and the Rand, their strength or weakness is “managed” by how much of it the reserve banks print. Click here to read on.

—————Product Recommendations————–

Cannabis Cream for Arthritis Eases the Pain

Cannabis Cream

Launched: New cannabis cream for arthritis that eases the pain immediately. If you suffer from arthritis then you know all about pain. Now all you have to do is rub this pain relieving cannabis cream into your skin and you will feel relief in moments. We know that you need this 120ml tub of our all-new pain-relieving cannabis balm in your home. Click here to find out how you can get your hands on Cannabis Cream.


Recipe Of The Week – Macarons

While macarons – not macaroons – may not be the easiest treat to make, they really aren’t as bad as they seem to be. You’ll make a batch, put them in a pretty box, and give them to a friend as a beautiful gift. This is the basic recipe for macarons, and you can make colored macarons by using food coloring paste sparingly, rather than liquid food coloring. Click here to get your recipe.


Win 2 Tickets To The “Learn to Make & Use a Healing Pendulum” Workshop

Healing Pendulum

We’re giving away two tickets to the “Learn to Make & Use a Healing Pendulum” workshop. Learn to make your own healing pendulum, and walk away with all the basic tools you need to begin using it with confidence. Click here for giveaway details.


Do’s And Don’t’s For Weight Loss

Do's And Don't's For Weight Loss

We all know that skipping breakfast, nibbling on fruits and vegetables and eating too much protein are all weight-loss mistakes. However, these aren’t the only things that can stand in the way of your efforts to drop some kilos. As it turns out, there are a few things that could seem small, but over time, can add up and cause you to pile on those kilos! Click here to read on.

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