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As much as I enjoy writing about investments and the financial markets, I’m always looking for and exploring other ways to increase my income.

You never know what lies ahead and by having more than one income, you can ensure that you always have money coming in to cover your bills and buy the things you need. So, if you’ve been putting off the idea of starting something on the side, it’s time to get busy. You’ll never know unless you try. All the best!

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Have an awesome weekend!


—————Tips for Happiness————–

10 Absolutely Free Activities That Can Make You Happier

Free Activities

There are numerous creative and free activities that can bring you just as much happiness as anything money can buy. If you’re feeling low, here are some great ideas you can incorporate into your daily routine.


Recipe Of The Week: Paleo Lemon Bars

Paleo Lemon Bars

The classic lemon bars get a Paleo-friendly makeover! They’re sweet, bright and so easy with only 5 ingredients! You’d never know these are healthy! Click here to get your recipe.

—————Beauty Tips————–

Six Uses of Lemon For Beauty

Six Uses of Lemon For Beauty

I never run out of lemons. When they are in season, I freeze as many as I can. If you’re like me, you probably use lemon in your tea, to cook and to bake, but guess what? Your hair, skin and nails love this yellow fruit even more! Thanks to their amazing properties, lemons have lots of beauty benefits. Here are my top six ways to use lemons in your natural beauty routine!


What Are You Doing This Autumn?


Autumn is a second spring… when every leaf is a flower. This is the best time to adopt good habits, or maintain your summer momentum. Do do you how much we love seeing you when you arrive at our Studio? It is a priviledge moving through the beauty of the natural seasons of our Cape Winelands, with you here to share the magic with us. Click here to read on.


How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Tea

How to brew tea

Whether you like your brew iced or hot, the tea council of the USA has some suggestions for making the best tea every time. Click here to find out how to brew hot and ice tea.

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